PZ Myers Has Stroke

In a decision that can only be explained by an ischemic stroke, PZ Myers has decided to change the focus of his blog:

From now on, I’ll be changing what I write about to something more reflective of the status quo. My time will be better spent writing about stuff white people find awesome, cars, cosmetics, Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber, cats and kittens, the attractiveness of slender women in bikinis, martinis, football, and jokes about women making sandwiches.

This reporter wishes you well during your recovery, Mr. Myers.

Katie who?

According to multiple skeptical sources, a Katie Holmes is filing divorce papers against a Tom Cruise. A sample tweet:

This reporter will be off researching the Rational Wiki page of this Tom Cruise fellow for the immediate future. He must be a high-ranking skeptic to be getting this much attention.

Leave Stephanie Zvan Alone!

Poor Stephanie Zvan. She considers the following people cyberstalkers:

  • People who get together to talk about what she writes
  • People who glean the personal information she uses to make herself and her topics more relatable
  • People who build a wiki dedicated to her

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Mad Greta: Beyond Thunderf00t

At last! Greta Christina’s five-part anthology (1 2 3 4 5) on the horrible mind of fellow Freethoughtblogger Thunderf00t has concluded! Some final statistics:

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Manly Yes, But Fantastic Hair Too!

Skepchick contributor Heina Dadabhoy has reminded us once again that the most important feature to mention about a strong independent woman is her hair:

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Prolific tweeter, blogger, and leader of an otherwise bland and uneventful life Natalie Reed has disappeared from the Internet. Her last known tweet:

According to her latest blog entry, “scary, terrible things” are “happening” “very suddenly and unexpectedly.”

PLEASE, if you have any information about Ms. Reed’s whereabouts, submit them here via the Submissions link above, preferably before notifying any other media outlet.

This just in!

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Hello, Uruguay!

According to the stats page, one of the countries this reporter is most popular in is Uruguay! So here’s a shout-out to you six folks there! Keep making SkepDirt your #1 source of skeptical scuttlebutt!

Greta’s Magnum Opus Part 4 is up!

As a follow-up to yesterday’s story, Greta Christina delivers as promised! This reporter can put on dry pants now.

BUT WAIT! What’s that say at the bottom?

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