Queen and White Knight vs. Mocha Knave

According to Tony Ryan’s blog page, Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) has accused him (@TPRyan007) of calling her THE C-WORD… somewhere. But according to Tony’s screenshots of the email she sent her, he did no such thing.

When called on it, Rebecca got all huffy, and so did PZ Myers, who (unsurprisingly?) jumped straight onto his high horse to come to Rebecca’s aid.

What happened to the reverence for facts, and search for same, that skeptics used to have?

This Just In!

Apparently PZ has forgotten the way research works too!

PZ, the claim being tested is that Tony called Rebecca THE C-WORD. That means it’s up to Rebecca to put up or shut up!

This Just In Too!
PZ and Rebecca are engaged in the most furious round of mutual Twitter masturbation ever over who gets to ignore Tony and his friends more:

@pzmyers I blame you for the 12 people I’ve had to block in the past 24 hours! You owe me at least 30 seconds of time & 4 brain cells.

— Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson) June 27, 2012

And then, of course, the totally expected nonpology:

Are these people REALLY the pillars of the skeptical community?

Is anyone else as embarrassed at that thought as this reporter is?

One Response to Queen and White Knight vs. Mocha Knave

  1. Not only that, but PZ has now devoted an entire blog of his own (read by goodness knows how many times more than mine) misrepresenting the issue as if it’s about HIM and being blocked on twitter. Face…….palm.


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