Leave Stephanie Zvan Alone!

Poor Stephanie Zvan. She considers the following people cyberstalkers:

  • People who get together to talk about what she writes
  • People who glean the personal information she uses to make herself and her topics more relatable
  • People who build a wiki dedicated to her

The obvious thing to do, in this reporter’s eyes at least, is to simply leave Stephanie Zvan alone. Don’t read her blog. Don’t follow her Twitter account. And so forth.

This applies to everyone, since at any time, any one of you might say something that Stephanie might consider “damaging” or “abusive.” Let Justin Vacula’s example be a warning: It’s best to not take that chance at all. The further you distance yourself from Stephanie Zvan, the less likely you are to cyberstalk her.

And that’s all she really wants – to be left alone!

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