Mad Greta: Beyond Thunderf00t

At last! Greta Christina’s five-part anthology (1 2 3 4 5) on the horrible mind of fellow Freethoughtblogger Thunderf00t has concluded! Some final statistics:

Greta Christina

Alexa DeLarge.
Not pictured: her droogies.

  • Parts: 5
  • Days taken: 4 (this reporter hopes her real job hasn’t suffered!)
  • Words: 5,129
  • Backs patted: ONE
  • Minds Changed: ZERO

That’s the same number of parts as the Twilight series, and just as intellectually fulfilling!


The Twilight saga has only four parts, not five. This reporter regrets the error, and thanks the numerous 48-year-old women who brought the error to SkepDirt’s attention.

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