Is Skepdigger Really Rebecca Watson Herself?

Reliable sources say this exchange happened on Facebook yesterday:

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How Not To Submit A News Story

An anonymous source submitted a private email between DJ Grothe and Ophelia Benson today. It starts off like this:

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Rebecca’s New Project: Using Skepchick As A Pseudoscience-Pushing SEO Tool

Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter), displaying once again that her fondness for bullying overrides her capacity for skepticism, has started a subsection of devoted entirely to giving pseudoscience hucksters the ability to flood search engines such as Google with their nonsense.

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What Should We Call The Skepchick Bullies?

Because of two previous unsuccessful attempts to shut down the @SkepDirt Twitter account, this reporter uses @ references as little as possible in tweets. That leaves hashtags as SkepDirt’s only way to get the news out via Twitter.


This Just In!

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Feedback From SkepDirt’s Loyal Fans, Vol. 1

This reporter gets a lot of feedback via the Contact button here, and now that SkepDirt has gone viral, it’s time to share some of them!

A reader whose initials are “E.A.” writes:

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SkepDirt Goes Viral!

Thanks to the volunteer efforts by Surly Amy:

PZ Myers:


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PZ Myers: SkepDirt “An Unimpeachable Source”

In regards to SkepDirt’s scoop on Rebecca Watson’s (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) firing from the SGU Podcast, PZ Myers tweets:

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Surly Amy Cries, Leaves TAM Over A T-Shirt

In a Grand Conjunction of estrogen, Freethoughtblogger Ophelia Benson wrote this in reply to her own blog entry:

Amy’s given me permission to quote her, so here’s her account of what all that was like:

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