PZ Myers To Kick Thunderf00t Off Freethoughtblogs

In response to this blog entry by Thunderf00t, PZ Myers has started a recent blog entry of his own with:

I’ve sent you [Thunderf00t] a couple of official messages. Acknowledge them, please.

This ambiguous but ominous request is later clarified by a commenter:

PZ is one of the people who runs FtB. So he quite entitled to expected a response to emails sent in that regard.

It takes no stretch of the imagination at all to see what the inevitable result of this interaction will be!

2 Responses to PZ Myers To Kick Thunderf00t Off Freethoughtblogs

  1. skeptifem says:

    You should probably change the title of the post to “Some blogger speculates that pz myers will kick funderf00t off freethoughtblogs”.

    • skepdigger says:

      Or maybe this reporter should change it to “SkepDirt Scoops Even PZ Myers On Thunderf00t Announcement!”

      In any case, you must be new here! Welcome to SkepDirt, and keep on reading!

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