Hello, Qatar!

Today’s surprise visiting country is Qatar, which comes in third in total hits (behind the UK and the USA) and beats Canada, Denmark, and Finland!

Welcome, Qataris!



Edited for grammar.


2 Responses to Hello, Qatar!

  1. Seymour says:

    Qataris not Qatarians please.

    Also, as Qatar is a country, shouldn’t it be which rather than who in who comes

    You’ll all be welcome at the world cup in Qatar or to visit anytime, though I would suggest winter rather than summer as it gets a bit warm in summer.

    P.S. Like the blog, nice to see someone kicking back at the craziness coming from Skepchicks and their fellow travellers such as PZ

  2. skepdigger says:

    This reporter stands corrected. Qataris it is! And thanks for the compliment!

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