The Saga of Paula Kirby

In response to Paula Kirby’s essay on The Sisterhood of the Oppressed, PZ Myers writes:

Apparently, it’s really bad and bullying to call people names, so she calls me and many others Feminazis and Femistasi.

Let he who is without sin, Mr. Myers.

What’s worse, he doesn’t even put together his own defense; he relies on two people named Jadehawk and Suirauqa to write his feelings (this reporter can’t really call them “thoughts”) for him. One wonders how much he does this in his academic career as well.


4 Responses to The Saga of Paula Kirby

  1. the Siliconopolitan says:

    One wonders how much he does this in his academic career as well.

    The job of a PI is to supply ideas and funding. The grunt work is to be done by students.

    Another hallmark of academia is that if you get scooped, you’re supposed to acknowledge that you were beaten to the punch.

    • skepdigger says:

      That explains why he has so much spare time for tweeting and blogging about non-academic issues! Thanks for the explanation, and keep reading SkepDirt!

  2. Jules says:

    For the record, PZ wasn’t saying she was morally wrong for calling him names.

    He was saying she was morally inconsistent for claiming name-calling was bad while calling someone else names.

    She was being either irrational or hypocritical.

    It’s not terribly hard to figure out. The line of his you left out that adds a bit of clarity is: “I know! It makes no sense!”

    His linking to other posts on the broader matter rather than writing new ones himself is only a sign of failing if you assume the accuracy of the descriptions lies entirely with the author rather than the facts themselves. In other words, if someone were to be committing the argument from authority logical fallacy. If PZ wholly agrees with Jadehawk and Suirauqa, why not send readers to their analyses?

    Have you *been* on the internet? Links are kinda a thing around here.

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