Bullies Shut Down @SkepDirt Twitter Account A Second Time

Silencing is a preferred tool of the propagandist and the coward, and this reporter has now been the subject of silencing by scoundrels of that calibre not once, but twice.

Instead of engaging in rational introspection, these modern-day Morlocks would rather shut down all opposing or embarrassing viewpoints by whatever means necessary, including but not limited to lying to Twitter’s automated suspension system. Considering the people and cliques who are most written about in this journal, it is extremely easy to determine exactly who these foul apes are.

It’s an old and a good rule of honor to never negotiate with terrorists. Nevertheless, this reporter is willing to meet them at the negotiation table. What SkepDirt is willing to do for them is to cease publication permanently. That’s right. No more pointing out their idiocy.

All SkepDirt asks in return is for them to stop being idiots.

Do we have a deal?

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