If You Ignore TAM, Will It Go Away?

Plenty of tweets about #TAM2012 today:

But the only ones from Skepchicks are ones peddling their wares:

Perhaps they’re too busy blogging about it!

Nothing new since 5 July? Where have all the Skepchicks gone?

The silence about TAM is just as deafening at Freethoughtblogs, with not even PZ Myers mentioning it.


Somehow this reporter got a screenshot of the second page of SkepChick instead of the first. That will be remedied as time permits.

SkepDirt regrets the error.

2 Responses to If You Ignore TAM, Will It Go Away?

  1. LawnBoy says:

    In case you had’t noticed, two of the tweets you highlighted there are from a Skepchick. In one of them, she was talking to another Skepchick.

    That’s where the Skepchicks have gone.


    • skepdigger says:

      Thanks for the comment! Did you notice the part in the article about those tweets being only about peddling their wares?

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