Surly Grant Winner Flees From TAM In Terror?

According to Skepchick Elyse Anders, who did not attend TAM:

Further discussion on Ms. Anders’ Facebook page implies strongly that one of the harassed was Sarah Moglia (@Mowgli3 on Twitter), a Surly Women Grant recipient for 2012, was allegedly one of the women who fled TAM. According to Ms. Moglia, there were “no security guards in the area” and that she “would rather leave and be safe than stay and not know” if she was “going to be protected.”

Ms. Moglia stated on Facebook that she did not know who was working for TAM. She says she looked for TAM staff people, but found none at the registration area, which was not surprising since registration had ended hours if not days earlier.

Ms. Moglia’s innocence and surprising befuddlement became apparent when she admitted on Facebook that ” I don’t know who to say anything to if I had to” and “there was nothing in the booklet either about what to do, either. Or even any rules.”

Casinos in Las Vegas are filled with floorwalkers and other personnel, easily identifiable by their uniforms and name tags. It is clearly in a casino’s best interests to make its customers feel happy, safe and welcome; any adequately trained casino employee would know instantly what to do in a harassment situation, According to the South Point Hotel And Spa FAQ, the management structure at South Point is designed to “ensur[e] the utmost customer service”.

Perhaps next time Ms. Moglia steps foot inside a casino, she should familiarize herself with the excellent security department it is assured to have.

One Response to Surly Grant Winner Flees From TAM In Terror?

  1. allison says:

    Has Ms Moglia never before been on a trip away from home without her parents?

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