Surly Amy Cries, Leaves TAM Over A T-Shirt

In a Grand Conjunction of estrogen, Freethoughtblogger Ophelia Benson wrote this in reply to her own blog entry:

Amy’s given me permission to quote her, so here’s her account of what all that was like:

I think one of the most hurtful things I experienced while attending TAM was Harriet Hall’s Tshirt that she wore three days in a row. I told her through tears, in the speakers’ lounge, that it was dehumanizing and gender/color blind and very hurtful to me specifically as a person who does have to deal with harassment regularly.

Here is Thunderf00t’s dissection of the situation, including a great video made for it.

One Response to Surly Amy Cries, Leaves TAM Over A T-Shirt

  1. Ned says:

    Wait. What? Does she have ANY idea what Dr. Hall went through being a woman DOCTOR ? in the AIRFORCE? In the 1960s?

    “I was offended that Dr. King talked about dreams because sometimes I can’t sleep at night.”

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