Feedback From SkepDirt’s Loyal Fans, Vol. 1

This reporter gets a lot of feedback via the Contact button here, and now that SkepDirt has gone viral, it’s time to share some of them!

A reader whose initials are “E.A.” writes:

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, E.A.! We plan to, and keep reading SkepDirt!

Chris Willett writes:

Hey, I like your blog. Very refreshing. Glad to see some humor and sanity employed to refute the Watson/Myers cult. After Paula Kirby’s recent letter, I was inspired to write my own: I figured you might enjoy it. If you share it, so much the better, as I need to update my home security system anyway! Anyhow, thanks again.

Thanks, Chris! Of course this reporter will share it; it’s important that grassroots reporting and opining like ours gets all the support it can get! Keep reading SkepDirt!

An anonymous source writes:

Do some research into the whole hooker thing at TAM2012. Female attendees were actually hookers trying to pick people up. Ask around

That’s an AMAZING tip, and more than explains the provocative way Harriet Hall was dressed all weekend! Thanks, and keep reading SkepDirt!

Another anonymous source writes through the Comment link:

wow you’re shit and unfunny

Thanks for your feedback, and congratulations on your correct guessing of the proper way to spell “you’re”! Did you overlook the part in the Comments area where it says No Swearing? Keep reading SkepDirt!

2 Responses to Feedback From SkepDirt’s Loyal Fans, Vol. 1

  1. John says:

    Just want to say I think you’re awesome and fantastic. Keep up the good work

  2. innertubes says:

    Thanks for the lulz. I tried to make a site to mock rw’s massive ego and lack of critical thinking skills but then I got hungry and made a sandwich.

    Keep up the good work!

    My dormant site:

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