Rebecca’s New Project: Using Skepchick As A Pseudoscience-Pushing SEO Tool

Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter), displaying once again that her fondness for bullying overrides her capacity for skepticism, has started a subsection of devoted entirely to giving pseudoscience hucksters the ability to flood search engines such as Google with their nonsense.

Her first article, How We Might Use The Recently Discovered Higgs Boson To Increase Pregnancy Rates, is already the second most popular Google result for searches on the subject:

It’s obvious what she’s trying to do. It’s also obvious what she’s accomplishing instead.

Shame on you, Rebecca, for giving charlatans this soapbox.


This Just In!

Rebecca has moved the site to In fact, the same Higgs boson article is there. So now Rebecca has given charlatans TWO soapboxes. Today is a black day for skepticism.


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