Is Skepdigger Really Rebecca Watson Herself?

Reliable sources say this exchange happened on Facebook yesterday:

Chris: “The problem in mostly withdrawing from organized skepticism is that I’m now less likely to be visible enough to get misrepresented by SkepDirt :(”

Dave: “LOL! Who’s doing that site? It’s hilarious.”

Chris: “Dave — probably Rebecca Watson. You know what a psychonaut she is.”

Derek Colanduno: “I did a search on that site. I guess I need to get more controversial!”

Rob: “Skepdirt kinda looks like a “Soap Opera Digest” for skeptic activity. Or am I misunderstanding?”

Chris: “Rob – I think it’s trying to be more of a parody site of Skepchick than an actual digest”

Derek Colanduno: “I wonder when folks will realize that some of these dumb as dirt things which too many of us skeptics get all undie-bunchy about are just so blazingly dumb that it enables this type of mockery?”

Is It True?

Could this reporter actually be Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter), skepticism’s Public Laughingstock Number Two (Number One being PZ Myers, of course)? Is SkepDirt really just a ruse to get Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) more known throughout the skeptical world by subtly advertising her serious blog (Skepchick) and her other joke blogs? Is this very report an admission by Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) that she is, in fact, this reporter, or is it a clever ruse by someone else to divert attention towards Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter)?

Rebecca Watson Rebecca Watson Rebecca Watson Rebecca Watson?

… Ahem.

Derek Colanduno, your last question is exactly right. And now that you have caught this reporter’s eye, SkepDirt will be sure to run a detailed exposé on you the next time you do something idiotic!

Thanks for talking about us, and keep reading SkepChick!

One Response to Is Skepdigger Really Rebecca Watson Herself?

  1. Clarence Carter says:

    I resent the plagiarism above where you say ‘Clarence Carter Clarence Carter Clarence Carter Clarence Carter’ but then bait and switch your name in.

    Who do you think you’re fooling?

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