Natalie Reed Quits

The always-loquacious Natalie Reed writes:

This is the last post I will ever write about conflicts internal to the Atheist Movement.

I quit. Consider this my act of serving the movement my divorce papers.

I have other work to do.

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They Make A Cute Couple

(reprinted from Coffee Loving Skeptic’s Facebook page)

In A Dirtshell: Listservgate

As this reporter’s readers all know by now, Thunderf00t had a short-lived engagement on Freethoughtblogs before PZ Myers kicked him off for not towing the party line when it came to hyperfeminism.

Recent events have uncovered that the regular bloggers at FTB have a secret mailing list that they use to discuss private things. Some of these things are extremely personal, like Read more of this post

Ed Brayton Admits Running Insecure Software

On his blog, Freethoughtblog’s founder Ed Brayton admits:

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