In A Dirtshell: Listservgate

As this reporter’s readers all know by now, Thunderf00t had a short-lived engagement on Freethoughtblogs before PZ Myers kicked him off for not towing the party line when it came to hyperfeminism.

Recent events have uncovered that the regular bloggers at FTB have a secret mailing list that they use to discuss private things. Some of these things are extremely personal, like what Natalie Reed’s real name is and which other FTB bloggers are transgender besides Natalie Reed.

Before Thunderf00t was banished from FTB, he was a member of this mailing list. As part of his banishment, he was removed from it. However, due to a security flaw in the mailing list software, he was able to add himself on again without raising the suspicion of the administrators of the mailing list. He remained on the list until August 2, at which point Ed Brayton was notified by an undisclosed source of the security flaw and of Thunderf00t’s actions.

Earlier today, Thunderf00t divulged that he had access to messages posted to this mailing list, and also divulged the contents of some of the messages. These messages included Ed Brayton’s desires to

do whatever it takes to make sure that he (thunderf00t) is essentially drummed out of this movement, never invited to speak anywhere again and is forever a pariah.

Brayton calling for Thunderf00t to become a pariah

FTB bloggers discuss Thunderf00t.

The other FTB bloggers clearly feel the same way, and won’t let simple things like facts get in the way of accusing Thunderf00t of “doc-dropping” (disclosing personal information). What sort of information is regarded as personal” is well-defined by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), who calls is “PII” for “Personally Identifiable Information,” and can be found in this PDF. It is clear that Thunderf00t has not divulged any PII yet, but that doesn’t keep the FTB bloggers from saying that he has or will.

As more and more allegations get tossed back and forth regarding this, watch this space!

Update 1:

PZ Myers is no stranger to sneaking into conversations where he’s not wanted. Here’s a Skepchick article about him crashing a teleconference about the “Expelled” movie.

And Freethoughtblogger Jason “Lousy Canuck” Thiebeault disclosed the email and IP addresses of 7 of his commenters in this blog entry from earlier this year.

Let he who is without sin, gentlemen…

5 Responses to In A Dirtshell: Listservgate

  1. aceofsevens says:

    Who said that he released PII?

    • skepdigger says:

      Great question, aceofsevens!

      In, Jen McCreight said “He insists that he doesn’t ‘doc drop,’ even though in that very post he releases private statements from the mailing list. And we already have outside confirmation of people receiving mailing list emails through him.” It’s clear she’s accusing him of releasing PII to these other people. Keep reading SkepDirt!

    • skepdigger says:

      PZ repeats in his own words in “he does have personal information about some of the contributors to FtB who want their privacy respected. That is his threat, and it’s not something we can trust him on, given that he’s already sent some emails to other people.”

      • aceofsevens says:

        She didn’t claim that it was PII, just private.

        • skepdigger says:

          Thanks for the comment! Did you happen to read what Jen said? She accuses him of “doc dropping”, which is the disclosure of personal information. Keep reading SkepDirt!

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