Ships and Harbors: Why the Atheism Plus Forums are Incompatible with Atheism+

There exists a fundamental, irreconcilable philosophy difference between the Atheism+ movement and the goals of the official Atheism Plus Forum.
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What A Professional Victim Looks Like

TRIGGER WARNING: Crocodile Tears

Gals, don’t do this.

This reporter regrets not being able to embed the video, as SkepDirt is run off the donations of nobody and the free version of WordPress doesn’t let reporters embed LiveLink videos.

Ariel Stallings’ “Liberal Bullying”

Nothing sums up the problems with the Atheism Plus forum like the article Liberal bullying: Privilege-checking and semantics-scolding as internet sport by Ariel Meadow Stallings on Offbeat Empire.

A few choice quotes:

Over the past couple years, I’ve watched the rise of this new form of online performance art, where internet commenters make public sport of flagging potentially problematic language as insensitive, and gleefully flag authors as needing to check their privilege.

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Al Stefanelli Is A Douchebag Because Of His Hat

After Al Stefanelli’s departure from Freethought Blogs, FtB boss PZ Myers posted a non-tribute to Al that spent more time calling Al’s friend Reap Paden a racist than it did remembering all the good things Al had done at Freethought Blogs.

A couple of Mr. Myers’ followers wasted no time in joining on what they saw as a Myers-sanctioned dogpile on Al, noting that you could tell the disabled author and journalist was “a douchebag” because of what he chose to wear on his head.

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Atheism Plus Takes A Cue From Nixon

Atheism+ votary Reality Enthusiast (@RealityEnthused on Twitter, realityenthusiast on WordPress) has put together three Friends Lists: one for Tweeters, and two for blogs.

Inclusion into the inaugural Twitter list was involuntary:

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Hello, Luxembourg!

Today’s surprise visiting country is Luxembourg, coming in SECOND in number of hits and only behind the first place country, the USA, by thirteen hits!

Step it up, Luxembourgers! You can do it!

In A Dirtshell: Natalie-Nagging

Vagina-equipped ex-blogger Natalie Reed can’t bear to end a debate. When she realizes that she is losing on logical and factual grounds, she switches to demanding a laundry list, oftentimes in ALL CAPS, of evidence that it is impossible or unreasonable for her opponent to produce.

This reporter hereby dubs this tactic Natalie-nagging.

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There Is A Line, And It Cannot Be Crossed

It is time for a more serious article than usual.

Earlier today, two Twitter accounts, clearly set up by the same person and whose names this reporter shall not honor by mentioning, were set up for the express purpose of unconscionably harassing Jennifer McCreight (@jennifurret on Twitter) and Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter).

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