Atheism+ Denies Matt Dillahunty Special Treatment; Gives Him Special Treatment

In A Dirtshell

Atheism+ (pronounced “atheism plus”) is a movement designed both to bring social justice issues to the atheist community and to shame those who would rather continue to focus on ending the tyranny of religion. The Atheism+ Forum (pronounced “dogmatic clique of hothouse flowers”) is a public bulletin board that seeks both to provide a safe place for Atheism+ rape victims and to give the moderators as many excuses as possible to say the word “rape.”

Enter Matt Dillahunty

A common assertion made by critics of the Atheism+ Forum is that new members are assumed to be trolls until proven otherwise.

Prolific vlogger and cable TV host Matt Dillahunty created an anonymous account on the Atheism+ Forum to gather contrary evidence to that assertion. What actually happened was that the treatment he received provided more evidence to support that assertion than any critic could possibly imagine.

The moderators, in their panicked state that only a directionless group of tenderfeet who have insulted a bigwig can be in, both played the “no special treatment” card:

First off, Dillahunty is banned, indefinitely, for violating the forum rule on sockpuppets. Some of our rules are flexible, and open to interpretation; this one is not. No sockpuppets, no exceptions. We have our rules for a reason, and we cannot protect this space as a safe space if we give breaks to “big name” atheists.

… and, in the very next breath, give him special treatment:

Matt Dillahunty may be allowed back, at some point, if and only if he apologizes, sincerely, for the damage he has done to our community, and makes good on trying to repair that damage.

This reporter wonders if the other thirty-odd people on the Atheism+ Forum’s ban list (including well-known forum virus Claus Larsen) will be privileged enough to receive the same offer.

This reporter is skeptical.

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