Pharyngula Turns To Oatmeal

Some ghost writer named Chris Clarke  used Atheism+ not-Führer PZ Myers’ fame to post a blog entry at Pharyngula. Having solved all other biological and activism issues, Clarke decided to turn his attention to a cartoon drawn by Matthew “The Oatmeal” Inman entitled “How much do cats actually kill?

Clarke insinuates that The Oatmeal’s cartoon is utterly unreasonable, despite the fact that it is brimming with actual data, chock full of verifiable math calculations, and is a cartoon.

The comments which follow the article generally are either of the “yeah, well dogs kill things too!” variety, or the “Yeah, well cats need to hunt!” variety, both of which are unsurprising given the quality of people which Pharyngula attracts.

Some unsolicited advice for Ms. Clarke: Do not go up against Mr. Oatmeal. Recent events have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that not only will you lose, you will look absolutely idiotic doing it.

One Response to Pharyngula Turns To Oatmeal

  1. breadgod says:

    Must be a slow day, so they’re writing up anything possible in order to generate more ad revenue.

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