FOLLOWUP: McCreight Just Keeps Digging

This is a followup to Need a Wank? and Consent Form.

My haters don’t give a fuck about the homeless or mentally ill. They just use them to promote their Male-Sexuality-Trumps-Everything agenda

No, Ms. McCreight, that’s not true because there is no Male-Sexuality-Trumps-Everything agenda. They use them to promote the Practice-What-You-Preach-You-Neurotypical-Princess agenda.

One Response to FOLLOWUP: McCreight Just Keeps Digging

  1. christophercamp says:

    Yes, how could people, who remind Ms McCreight of her privilege when her privilege is showing, possibly care about homeless people? Top tip for Ms McCreight: lose the privilege meme. It end up biting everyone in the arse eventually.

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