In Fairness to The Atheism Plus Forum

This reporter would like to correct a potential bias in reporting on Atheism+ forum topics. It is easy to data-mine the most egregiously toxic and petulant threads there and make the whole forum look dysfunctional. In the interest of fairness and balance, SkepDirt would like to show what a typical innocuous thread there looks like.

Here’s a good one, started by moderator Flewellyn: A vitally important question for our members.

SO…ninjas, or pirates?

Typical early replies:

Viking dervishes.

My own answer: space robots. Nobody ever sees them coming.

Kitty cats full stop.

But then the pictures start:

This picture earns the Atheism+ Stamp Of Approval by not being called out for being objectifying.

After which user Mad Dilla Huntter posts a picture of a clown, which prompts an unspecified mod to hide the image because of  “CLOWNS AUGH“.

A few posts later, Mad Dilla Huntter, who certainly did not appreciate a moderator’s irrational editing of his clown picture, posts a link to a very satirical, politically incorrect, and in this reporter’s opinion not all that funny, video called G*yn*gg*rs from Outer Space. This prompted Flewellyn to post the incredibly level-headed response:

Seriously, dude, why would you POST that?

In response, Mad Dilla Huntter writes:

Its not that offensive, it makes fun of stuff that is offensive, but it don’t promote any behavior. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over comedy art.

And He Said The Word.

Like candiru to skinny-dippers, the acolytes at the Atheism+ Forums swarmed for a phallic privilege penetration party around the word “panties”:

By the way, “panties in a bunch”. Talk about being dismissive and comparing someone pointing out that they don’t find something appropriate as “womanly”.

That’s a phrase I could live without hearing forever again.

I second this. +

Speaker: Flewellyn

also third/fourthing the “NO” on “panties in a bunch,” both for sexism and “fucking hypersensitive minorities!”

And then Flewellyn calls a stop to it:

Alright, I think that’s enough.

Mad Dilla Hunter, I already warned you about this. Have a day off to think about whether trolling is a good use of your time.

Conclusion: Even the most innocuous threads on the Atheism+ forum ends in tears, triggers, and suspensions. The whole forum is, in demonstrated fact, dysfunctional.

One Response to In Fairness to The Atheism Plus Forum

  1. breadgod says:

    I swear, the Atheism+ fanatics are offended by everything, even mundane, innocent phrases like “panties in a bunch”. How can they even function in the real world?

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