There Is A Line, And It Cannot Be Crossed

It is time for a more serious article than usual.

Earlier today, two Twitter accounts, clearly set up by the same person and whose names this reporter shall not honor by mentioning, were set up for the express purpose of unconscionably harassing Jennifer McCreight (@jennifurret on Twitter) and Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter).

While any reader of this publication will quickly come to the conclusion that there is no love lost between SkepDirt and the aforementioned women, there is a line of civility, decorum, and just plain humanity that these vile accounts crossed.

In light of these unwarranted attacks, SkepDirt is declaring a grace period of two weeks on Dirt written about them in this publication. No public masturbator potshots. No Brazzers-logoed pictures. This reporter will simply let these two women go about their modi operandi as if they were intelligent, functional members of the skeptical culture.

But never fear, readers! There will certainly be something else to write about. For instance, the grapevine has been murmuring lately about a man named Al Stefanelli…


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