In A Dirtshell: Natalie-Nagging

Vagina-equipped ex-blogger Natalie Reed can’t bear to end a debate. When she realizes that she is losing on logical and factual grounds, she switches to demanding a laundry list, oftentimes in ALL CAPS, of evidence that it is impossible or unreasonable for her opponent to produce.

This reporter hereby dubs this tactic Natalie-nagging.

The latest victim of a Natalie Nag is Al Stefanelli, published author and recent expatriate of Freethought Blogs. Mr. Stefanelli dared to blog about his heartfelt but not rabidly supportive thoughts about the Atheism Plus forum and Schrödinger’s Rapist:

Atheism Plus…

For what it’s worth, I have nothing against the concept or the stated mission of Atheism Plus. In fact, I think it’s exemplary. I do have a problem with some of what I have read on their forums, and some of what I have read in the comments and in the context of some of the blogs…. There is, undeniably (to me, at least – your mileage may vary), a climate of exceptionalism and an air of superiority that is getting pervasive within the forum, and it is bordering on hubris and arrogance.

Schrödinger’s Rapist…

Yes, I’ve been asked about this no less than twenty-eight times in the last week, via email, personal messages and texts. In answer to the question of whether or not I am willing to consider myself a potential rapist, the answer is “No.” I actually find this quite insulting, as do I find the reasoning that every male has a rape switch. This is my opinion, and I have come to it after reading several other opinions on both sides of the issue, as well as examining myself, my personality, my disdain for violence, my respect for women, etc.

If you feel otherwise, you are entitled to this – and I will support your right to perceive yourself as such.

This raised the ire of the usual congregation of FTBullies, as can be seen in the comments to that entry.

Mr. Stefanelli then turned to Twitter to vent a little of his frustration:

This caught the eye of Ms. Reed, Queen Of The Blunt Innuendos, and led to this bizarre exchange:

Realizing that not only has Mr. Stefanelli answered all of her leading questions with reasonable answers but has backed her into the most basic of Logic 101 corners, Ms. Reed strikes out with the Natalie Nag:

While the argument goes on for another thousand Tweets or so, this reporter will close this article by noting that Mr. Stefanelli’s responses remained throughout as calm, level, and straightforward as this one:

Mr. Stefanelli’s only real problem in the non-privileged area is that Ms. Reed simply can’t be convinced of anything.

One Response to In A Dirtshell: Natalie-Nagging

  1. John C. Welch says:

    Al’s greatest sin is that he’s actually done shit beyond blogging. That’s an unforgiveable insult to the FTB lot.

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