Al Stefanelli Is A Douchebag Because Of His Hat

After Al Stefanelli’s departure from Freethought Blogs, FtB boss PZ Myers posted a non-tribute to Al that spent more time calling Al’s friend Reap Paden a racist than it did remembering all the good things Al had done at Freethought Blogs.

A couple of Mr. Myers’ followers wasted no time in joining on what they saw as a Myers-sanctioned dogpile on Al, noting that you could tell the disabled author and journalist was “a douchebag” because of what he chose to wear on his head.

Karpad starts off the hat-bashing:

Al and his hatHaving never read Al’s blog (indeed, rarely reading much of FTB that isn’t linked back here in the various roundups), I decided to investigate.

So, pulling his up, the first thing I’m greeted with is his photo. The way he chooses to represent himself to the world.

White fedora, black plastic framed tinted lens glasses.

I hesitate to say “everyone who wears a fedora is a complete douchebag.” I’m sure someone could find a counter example, if they looked hard enough. I’d like, if I could, to put a finger on why it seems such a surefire marker of awfulness, but I’m struggling with that.

Khantron replies:

[F]edoras have been ruined by shitty misogynist geeks.

Karpad “just says”:

I know in person 5 people who regularly wear fedoras. Like all the time. All are white males. They are all varying degrees of misogynist…

I don’t think this is a coincidence.

After getting called on this obvious bigotry by a number of other followers, Karpad doubles down:

Al has proven himself a racist, misogynist douchebag. He did so in less than 3 blog posts.

Sorry to have so offended you and your fedora…

13 Responses to Al Stefanelli Is A Douchebag Because Of His Hat

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  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    Well, now, not everyone can wear their ass as a hat.

    Though Phayngula’s comment section does to be a rather large collection of such individuals.

  3. ReasJack says:

    I know this is quibbling, but isn’t this a Trilby?

  4. Aj says:

    What makes this all particularly funny is that’s clearly a Panama.

  5. hannanibal says:

    Al’s hat makes him a misogynist and his socks make him a white supremacist. It’s good that we can judge a person personality, worldview and beliefs by their fashion sense.

  6. I wear a BDU cap quite often – I wonder what that says about me?

  7. PZ Myers says:

    So you only noticed the one idiotic post about your hat by a virtual nobody on my blog, and completely missed the consensus?

    Oh good fucking lord, karpad, get over your damn self. Your post was fucking silly. And it wasn’t especially funny. And it was a little bit dumb. Frankly I think the reception it got was positively cheery compared to what it could have been, given the subject matter. “Butthurt”? No, the shit you wrote was DUMB.


    • skepdigger says:

      This reporter is honored that you took time from your busy schedule to reply to this article, Mr. Myers!

      As is evident from the article, it was not one, but four idiotic posts made about Al’s hat. Also, this reporter was unaware that “virtual nobodies” were immune from saying ridiculous things.

      RE your “OK” at the end: Only idiots and lawyers ask questions they already know the answers to.

      Keep reading SkepDirt!

    • PZ – You do know this wasn’t actually written by Al, yes?

    • CommanderTuvok says:

      So you only noticed the one idiotic post about your hat by a virtual nobody on my blog, and completely missed the consensus?

      No PZ, we noticed a whole thread full of idiotic posts. Something that is occuring on your blog more often than not.

    • Allison says:

      I didn’t notice anything on your blog, PZ, since I no longer visit it.

    • BadWolf says:

      Did Greta and Becky take the leash off your balls for a bit, or are they yanking it tight even as you typed that turd?

      You are filth, PZ, complete and utter filth.

  8. bismarket says:

    During the last few weeks i’ve put a lot of thought into what it is that PZ Myers may be trying to achieve & trying to work out what it is that’s motivating him. To prevent this comment becoming a full on Blog on it’s own, i’ve come to the tentative conclusion that he’s a Dawkins wannabe who resents his success in life as well as in the Atheist movement. PZ seems to be socially awkward & has tried to assuage this by being validated via FtB. When someone leaves, he takes it personally & attacks those folk. I imagine he was boosted at the start when so many eminent people joined up, but the way things have turned out with it basically being co-opted by Radfems/Idiots must have hit hard. ATM i think his ego refuses to let him disassociate himself from FtB despite the damage to his credibility. IMO, he’s his own worst enemy & i can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the guy. Imagine what it must be like to see years of work in the movement circle the drain. He has no problems ditching former allies except those who are hurting him the most (Watson & her ilk). Thanx for listening.☮

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