What A Professional Victim Looks Like

TRIGGER WARNING: Crocodile Tears

Gals, don’t do this.

This reporter regrets not being able to embed the video, as SkepDirt is run off the donations of nobody and the free version of WordPress doesn’t let reporters embed LiveLink videos.

4 Responses to What A Professional Victim Looks Like

  1. It’s really sick. There is a prevalence of false accusations and an exaggerated number of rape cases (the infamous 1 in 4 number), but MSM propaganda would have you believe it’s the other way around.

  2. It is obnoxious to see a woman do that but it is quite common. Of course, this is when you call the cops to come in and help you, they deal with false allegations of rape all the time, although she’d probably accuse them of rape too.

  3. That woman is nuts.

  4. smitty says:

    Hard to believe!

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