Dramatic Reading of “Schrödinger’s Rrrrrrrrrrapist”

She’s even prettier than this reporter imagined!


Hello, Croatia!

Today’s surprise visiting country is Croatia, coming in fifth in number of hits and beating out Australia, the Netherlands, and Finland!




FOLLOWUP: McCreight Just Keeps Digging

This is a followup to Need a Wank? and Consent Form.

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In Fairness to The Atheism Plus Forum

This reporter would like to correct a potential bias in reporting on Atheism+ forum topics. It is easy to data-mine the most egregiously toxic and petulant threads there and make the whole forum look dysfunctional. In the interest of fairness and balance, SkepDirt would like to show what a typical innocuous thread there looks like.

Here’s a good one, started by moderator Flewellyn: A vitally important question for our members.

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Atheism+ Pulls the SIWOUD Alarm


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Why Schrödinger’s Rapist Is Really Pascal’s Rapist

Editor’s Note: This is the first in what very well might become a series of op-ed pieces for SkepDirt. Skepdigger is stepping out of the “reporter” comfort zone with this, and all of us at SkepDirt wish nothing but good fortune upon this endeavor.

As we enter the fourth year of the Schrödinger’s Rapist meme, this opiner would like to take a few minutes to ruminate on its origin, its implications, and its inaccuracies.

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FOLLOWUP: Jennifer McCreight’s Consent Form

After the shocking details of Jennifer McCreight’s harrowing experience with an unauthorized masturbator earlier today, a reader has provided SkepDirt with a copy of what can only be Ms. McCreight’s consent form for homeless people to perform certain acts in her sight!

This Just In!

A followup can be found here!

Need A Wank? Get McCreight’s Permission First

Ex-blogger and leader of no movements of consequence Jennifer McCreight now requires men to get her permission before they masturbate:

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