@SkepDirt’s Creepiest Follower

This reporter has no idea from which Alternate Lifestyle Malibu Barbie playset this person sprung:

But between her stereotypical bimbo tweets:

I have to say I do enjoy a large cock

I have to say you are making me so very horny!

I got suspended and I have no idea why!

And her oddly instantaneous obsession with Renee Hendricks and Dawn Gordon:

I believe Dawn Gordon is being set up is what I believe

@chthoniid Oh no shall I be shunned now from your atheist account for an honest observation and reading Renee Hendricks?

(there are plenty more, and worse, at @thecherrybombz)

… this reporter has to wonder where the truth lies.

This Just In!

Renee Hendricks has created a Youtube video presenting her case that CherryBomb and Dawn Gordon are the same person!

This story just gets juicier and juicier! Stay tuned to SkepDirt for updates!

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