Ophelia Benson, Drug Abuse Advocate

Rhys Morgan:

“Do not take alcohol with zopiclone as it will increase sedation.” Well, sedation is the reason I’m taking zopiclone! Sounds like a plan!

Ophelia Benson:

@rhysmorgan A little sedation is good so a lot must be better!


2 Responses to Ophelia Benson, Drug Abuse Advocate

  1. Ophelia Benson says:

    Are you crazy?! Do you seriously think I meant that straight? More sedation causes the breathing to stop. No, I wasn’t “advocating” sedation unto death.

    • skepdigger says:

      Thank you for replying, Ophelia Benson! You must be new here! This reporter agrees: it’s a sure sign of mental problems when an individual takes a joke as something serious. Keep reading SkepDirt!

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