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To: WordPress Support

Name: skepdigger



I’m not the owner of the above suspended blog, but I do want to put a good word in for the owner. He and I share an interest in a topic (skepticism) that has been recently been the target of a hostile group. His blog is dedicated to defending skepticism from these bullies.

One of the bullies runs a jewelry shop, and plays fast and loose with DMCA notices regarding images of her work. While I don’t know if she is the source of the complaint(s), I do know that the images are covered under Fair Use and that her complaints are unwarranted.

I have re-read the Terms of Service and, as a long-time reader of, I honestly do not believe that blog is violating them. It’s not spam, it’s not mature, and it’s not content theft. I believe that any reports along those lines which you have received are an effort by a small but determined band of bullies to silence him.

Please reconsider your suspension of elevatorgate.

Thank you for your time.

This Just In! is back online! Smart job, WordPress!


The cause of the suspension was a faulty spam detector at The above letter implies that the cause could have been more conspiratorial. SkepDirt regrets the error.

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