Who Was Behind ElevatorGATE’s Suspension?

The “official” story behind ElevatorGATE’s blog suspension was that an automated anti-spam system flagged it. But there has never been anything even slightly like spam produced by ElevatorGATE. There is a way to report blogs for spam, though, and there is a clique of well-established bullies who found the incentive and just enough of a push from one of their own obsessed members to make ElevatorGATE’s life miserable for a few hours yesterday morning.

Reliable sources tell SkepDirt that the Atheism Plus forum has a Members Only forum, and that one of the topics in that forum is entitled “@ElevatorGATE Twitter stalker. [TW: stalking, rape]“.


SkepDirt has obtained full HTML dumps of this thread. Here are some interesting facts about it:

  • It was started by Atheism+ site administrator “hyperdeath” on November 22.
  • In the opening post, hyperdeath references ElevatorGATE’s post earlier that day entitled “Press release: I want damages from Becky
  • Hyperdeath further says “Although much of this sounds like irony, it’s not” and “As PZ Myers said, he’s getting more and more like Markuze. Unfortunately, unlike Markuze, he has fans.

The other users of the Atheism+ board are quick to jump on the hyperbole bandwagon.

A+ user Setar says:

No, worse than Markuze. A fucked up liberturdianesque I-can-do-anything-I-want-with-words-and-the-law version of Markuze.

A+ global moderator Xanthë says:

The guy is an utter fruitcake… No surprise he wants a £1000 donation to the misogynists at AVfM, either.

Stalking and Speculation

Xanthë continues:

If he’s in the UK, I wonder why he doesn’t serve a lawsuit there. The UK is the world hotspot for libel tourism, after all.


As for him being in the UK, no one seems to be sure. The £ sign is very revealing though. If he is in the UK, an ASBO might be applicable.


I forget who, but someone pointed out that at the peak of his obsession this guy is ‘storifying’ dozens of marginally relevant Twitter conversations each day. There’s very likely a mental illness going on and this behaviour isn’t helping.

A+ user Oolon contributes (ellipsis in the original):

I found his website which he registered using his full home address. I’m not d0x’ing anyone but there will be plenty who took down his details… Unfortunately he lives in the UK


Oolon, it’s not at all difficult to find his address when you consider that Google is only too happy to find websites related to his name. Not too far from you, is he?

Focus on Oolon: Master Creepy Stalker

The conversation in the thread turns to some truly disturbing statistics that Oolon gathers. Not disturbing in the values they show, but disturbing that anyone would go through this much effort simply to figure out where someone might live.

At the heart of it all is this graph:

Volume of @ElevatorGATE’s tweets plotted against time of day. Blue line is September 2012. Red is October 2012. Green is November 2012.

Oolon describes how he created this graph:

There is a script that lets you pull tweet info down so I’ve got 3200 tweets in a csv file – the script I have seems to get upset at the volume he produces so I cannot get them all. Although just over half are re-tweets so a lot of time is obviously spent just re-tweeting what he likes the look of not creating new stuff. Putting in Excel and a quick pivot chart.

And his conclusion:

There is an obvious lull which fits a timezone limited person but one that is obsessed and sleeps very irregular hours. Or as Catherine says two or more people with slightly overlapping timezones – but there is nothing in patterns of tweeting that support more than one person. Oh and I’m pretty sure its a Brit given the British spelling of words used.

It’s plain to see how obsessed Oolon is with ElevatorGATE. It’s plausible, and arguably certain, that Oolon is more obsessed with ElevatorGATE than ElevatorGATE is with Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter).

If your jaw isn’t on the floor yet… read this from Oolon’s blog:
Is ElevatorGATE the new David Mabus?

A Short Timeline

On November 22, the Site Administrator for A+ posts in the A+ Members Only forum about how mean ElevatorGATE is.

The discussion goes on for days, with numerous forum users including Oolon playing armchair psychoanalyst / lawyer / detective in the thread.

During that time, Oolon posts his data on ElevatorGATE’s tweeting patterns, and blogs about other statistical data he has dug up about not only ElevatorGATE, but the other “Tweeting Twits,” as he calls them.

On November 26, ElevatorGATE blogs that he is “departing for x weeks.”

On November 27, only 3 days after Oolon’s anti-ElevatorGATE activity both at A+ and on his own blog, ElevatorGATE’s WordPress blog gets suspended for anti-spam reasons.

Later on November 27, a human at WordPress realizes that the suspension was unwarranted and undoes it.

What Does It Mean?

To this reporter, the timeline raises a lot of questions. Did Oolon get ElevatorGATE suspended?  Did the A+ forum users help? Of course they are going to deny it. But that’s always the first reaction of the guilty.

More information as it become available!

8 Responses to Who Was Behind ElevatorGATE’s Suspension?

  1. elevatorgate says:

    Reblogged this on elevatorgate and commented:
    Investigative Journalism

  2. Sklarg says:

    The FTB/A+ crowd continually accuses people of stalking, but they totes endorse creepy disturbing obsessed [expletive deleted]stains like Oolon. Their staggering hypocrisy never fails to amuse me.

  3. franc hoggle says:

    WordPress does not delete blogs for spam – unless it’s truly excessive and malware infested. They don’t even filter spam themselves, that is done by Akismet. Of course, you are dealing with chronic liars that are from the dumb as a bag of ball bearings end of the bell curve, so you would expect them to expect you to believe it. Upside is there are quite a number of folks that have set up contingency plans now that if it goes down again, a mirror will be back up within the hour. Whoever elevatorgate is, they deserve hearty applause for the job they are doing. A much undervalued participant in this nonsense tracking.

  4. Skeeve says:

    Like it or not, elevatorgate shines a light on their hypocrisy. Does he/she/they go too far? Maybe…sometimes. For the most part, it keeps me updated with info that I would normally not be able to keep up with.

  5. oolon says:

    I’m with Surly Amy, I don’t want ElevatorGATE suspended… Too much fun laughing at the nuttiness from there and gossiping about who it might be 🙂

    Is suspension-GATE! the reason for EG retracting his ‘retirement’ plans? I was rather upset at the thought of him going especially when given my analysis no one gets near his level of obsession… When Franc is included in the second-raters you know this ones a keeper!

    • franc hoggle says:

      And Oolon is shy. He loves dropping other’s details, here’s his own –


      Hello, I’m oolon, otherwise known as James Billingham. I live in Longparish in the UK, it’s a lovely village in the Test Valley and I spend my days with my family playing tennis and messing about with computers when not arguing with people on the internet. You can email me here -> oolon at btinternet.com if you want, although I don’t check it that often and cannot think what you’d want to say that wouldn’t be better off in a comment somewhere kept for posterity. Alternatively anyone annoyed with me can arrange for me to buy them a beer at my local pub, I’ll pony up one pint per pissed off customer. theploughinn

      • oolon says:

        You are just pissed that you live too far away to get a free pint, also since you are an aussie the watery crap you drink wouldn’t be allowed in any self respecting real ale pub 😉

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