Atheism Plussers Help With Connecticut Shooting Victims… Almost

The Social Justice Worriers at the Atheism Plus Forum have started a thread on giving aid to the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT, USA.. and they’d do it too, if it weren’t so inconvenient:

I’d recommend we work with the Atheist Humanist Society, personally. We could also contact the school and see if they would be willing to work with us directly- but I have a feeling that that would be unwelcome stress at a time like this. Anyways, if other people want to participate in this, we’ll need someone who is able to do so to contact the Atheist groups (or just the Atheist Humanist Society) and see if they would be able/willing to work with us. (Grimalkin, OP)

“We’ll need someone who is able to contact the Atheist groups”? What’s the matter, Grimalkin, cat got your phone?

I would like to help, but I’m not from the U.S., so it might be difficult. (rubys00)

You poor dear! If only there were a way to send aid to other countries.

Okay, turns out much planning will not be necessary, because there is a Newtown charity that is accepting donations, which will be distributed to the affected families. Somehow I actually had the ability to write emails today… (Grimalkin)

Congratulations on your ability to write emails! I’m sure your MENSA membership plaque is on its way. And congratulations on finding a charity that will do all the work for you. There’s a grand total of four entries in that thread. Job well done all around, Plussers! Time to take a well-earned rest from all that hardcore activism. Perhaps even another pity party?

This Just In!

Sources say Grimalkin may have a chronic illness. While this reporter has been unable to corroborate this information, SkepDirt’s mission is to make fun of idiocy, not of disability. If Grimalkin truly does have a disability, then this reporter regrets the implication of laziness on her* part.

This doesn’t excuse the rest of the 2000+ Plussers who apparently see no reason to take action in A+’s name to provide aid or comfort to the victims in Newtown, but it does excuse Grimalkin.


15 Responses to Atheism Plussers Help With Connecticut Shooting Victims… Almost

  1. Joey Haban says:

    Earlier in the thread, Grimalkin says ” I don’t have a consistent enough spoon supply to be able to be more than an idea person and a participant.” The “spoon theory” is an analogy that explains how chronically ill people have to measure out the very limited energy that we have. Grimalkin is clearly ill and/or disabled in some way. It has nothing to do with inconvenience. There are most definitely days when I cannot write emails, or situations where I need to enlist help to achieve something. For that reason I respectfully request that you consider revising the rancor being directed at her here.

    • skepdigger says:

      Thanks for your comment, Joey! This reporter can’t help but notice that Grimalkin has enough spoons to post to a message board. The motions involved in sending an email are similar. Keep reading SkepDirt!

      • Joey Haban says:

        You are displaying your ignorance of chronic illness. I have spoons to post this. Later in the day I might not. Tomorrow I might not be able to be at a computer at all. And you have absolutely no knowledge of how much energy is involved with writing an email. Tossing up some words on a forum is much different from taking the time to compose grammatically correct, well-written emails to people you don’t know. You also have no idea what else she has to do during a day (kids? housework?) that precludes her from taking charge. Your presumption that she is faking or lying is extremely insulting and ableist. This is the kind of stuff I expect from A+ers, not from people who call themselves skeptics but refuse to accept information that challenges their uninformed opinions.

        • skepdigger says:

          Perhaps it is time for you to read a Cracked article which this reporter described as “stellar” earlier today:

          Sources say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and while Grimalkin’s condition is sad, what’s sadder is the total lack of any other Plusser to willingly take the ball of Newtown charity and run with it.

          • Joey Haban says:

            Okay, I’ll grant you the sadness that is nobody else stepping up to help. I still see mean-spirited, hostile, uninformed snark directed at someone who doesn’t deserve it. And no thank you, if you refuse to admit that you are behaving in precisely the same way as A+ — cherry-picking information to suit your ignorant opinions — I have no interest in reading a Cracked article with which you choose to defend yourself. The fact is you are wrong, and the fact that you don’t care says it all.

            • skepdigger says:

              This reporter has seen no corroborating evidence, and doesn’t know who you are. You writing that Grimalkin is chronically ill carries just as much weight as you writing that Ophelia Benson is a professional skateboarder.

              You are asking this reporter to believe something you say without evidence, and now you are slinging mud on Twitter and willfully keeping yourself ignorant of evidence provided to you. You are the embodiment of what gives Plussers a bad name.

  2. xxxild says:

    I’d leave a comment but it requires swearing. Crafting for charity is good but usually there populations with need for these items already. I doubt the well to do families of the shooting victims need crafted items at this time. Anyway…

  3. Joey Haban says:

    I suspect you won’t post this comment as it also contradicts the stuff you’ve made up and decided is true, but I am as far from an Atheism Plus person as it’s possible to be. It takes two or three clicks to learn plenty about me, including the fact that I’m a disability advocate and so understand exactly what Grimalkin is saying. If you were intellectually honest to ANY degree, you would apologize to me for your error and rudeness, and revise this post to reflect the parts where you are incorrect.

    • skepdigger says:

      Your corrections have been incorporated into the article.

      As to the matter of insulting you: at the risk of sounding infantile, you started it. You originally accused this reporter of using A+ tactics, which was clearly intended as an insult. All this reporter did in retaliation was accuse you of the same thing, and professing ignorance of who you are. This led to your multiple-Tweet tirade against this reporter, not just to the world but to third parties with whom this reporter has had no interaction previously.

      If you expect an apology from this reporter, perhaps you could start with one of your own.

      • Joey Haban says:

        No. I originally posted a polite comment, and you responded with nothing but a snarky, uninformed attack on Grimalkin. But I do thank you very much for the addendum.

        • skepdigger says:

          As much as you try to twist words, the facts remain: You compared this reporter to A+ twits before vice versa. Your Tweets last night carried a level of venom comparable to anything the FTBullies dish out. And the insult you took personally (“This reporter can’t help but notice that Grimalkin has enough spoons to post to a message board. The motions involved in sending an email are similar.”) was not, in any reasonable reading, aimed at you.

          When you come to your senses, you should Tweet as much. Until then, you are not welcome here.

  4. dougal445 says:

    Joey may have a point here. It would explain why the A+ sight is full of such embarrasingly retarded nonsense.

    • dougal445 says:

      my comment above didn’t nest where i expected. In case anyone is confused as to what i was referring, it was this from joey:

      ‘Tossing up
      some words on a forum is much
      different from taking the time to
      compose grammatically correct, well-written emails to people you
      don’t know’

  5. Mel says:

    Meanwhile, Atheists Giving Aid has raised > $10k so far.

    “The money you donate will go directly to the Sandy Hook Elementary families for funeral expenses and counseling for the survivors of the shooting and their families.”

  6. Mel says:

    This is neither here nor there, but A+ “crafting for charity” thread suggests items bear the tag “Made by ___ at Atheism+ Forums, a community dedicated to social justice.”

    I’m just imagining a recipient going to the forum to check it out. I suppose the “pity the poor pedophile” thread is long buried, but perhaps they might stumble on the person who has to constantly resist the urge to kill and eat someone, who believes the government should (literally, physically) bash in the heads of little children.

    At best, they’re going to be greeted with a barrage of profanity and cursing of anyone who’s white, male, heterosexual and/or cis-gendered (if the visitors even know what that means) or any combination thereof.

    That should make their little gift all the more special to them, eh wot.

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