There Is A Line 2: Acid In The Face

As mentioned in a previous article, there is a level of vitriol and real-world threats of violence that cannot be allowed. Even in the war of words between reasonable people and the walking pleas-to-emotion at Freethoughtblogs and Skepchick, a line of decorum exists.

Once again, the line has been crossed. An unforgivable Tweet was sent to Freethoughtblogs’ Ophelia Benson yesterday. While the Twitter account which sent it has been deleted and therefore the original Tweet is lost, Ophelia captured a screenshot of it:


@OpheliaBenson Maybe a vial of acid would do you some good…

This is, in a word, unconscionable. As SkepDirt’s readers would expect, it is getting denounced on Ophelia’s own blog by her own followers:

Aratina Cage:

I sincerely hope [Tweeter’s name redacted] has earned himself a lifetime ban from all atheist and skeptic events and organizations worldwide.

Tony the Queer Shoop:

This is inexcusable. It goes above and beyond the *already* fucked up comments and threats you get Ophelia. Acid in the face? Really??!!

Alethea H. Kuiper-Belt:

Holy fuck, this is horrible, please report this to the police!

They are right. This is inexcusable and horrible. But even among the justified anger, there is much agenda-pushing against the users of a message board which points out Ophelia’s usual idiocies, the Slymepit.


I don’t know; for something like that he’s likely to win the Slymepit’s ‘Heroic Freethinking Skeptic of the Year’ award…


When you google [redacted], one of the first things that comes up is a positive Twitter exchange with Justin Griffith … I hope Justin is proud of the direct results of his support and admiration of the slymepit.


With the over-wrought hyperbole on the pit these things are bound to happen. Obviously some see what they do there as a just a big piss-take, a joke.

But is this agenda-pushing justified? Are the users on Slymepit siding with this acid threatener?

It turns out that they are not. The Slymepitters are just as against this Tweet, and the Tweeter who wrote it, as Ophelia’s followers are.


I’m glad I’m somewhere where I can say he was a cunt and good riddance to him.


I saw [redacted]‘s tweet a bit after the fact… his tweet was really not called for *and* he tried to be “funny” by saying he was talking about “alpha hydroxy”. Whatever. Fucking idiot.


Well, we were laughing along with Ophelia’s latest attention wank, where she made light about people getting acid thrown in their face and comparing it to her own situation within the atheist community when [redacted] — now in the future referred to as “nincompoop” — fucked it up by actually, while joking about it, making a maybe threat about throwing acid in her face.

And we are facepalming so hard right now. [Redacted], if you’re out there: you damn fool.

The facts are irrefutable. The users at Slymepit are overwhelmingly against the content of that horrible Tweet, and against the person who Tweeted it. As are Ophelia’s followers, naturally. This is something both sides agree on.

Yet Ophelia’s followers are twisting what could be an opportunity for understanding and empathy into a bigoted attack on all Slymepit users, painting them all with the same brush when the facts clearly refute that mindset.

Grow up, Bensonites. Use this as a chance for reconciliation. That’s what non-idiots would do.

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  2. Notung says:

    I actually agree with Oolon’s comment there. So many ridiculous personal attacks (comments on appearance, age, etc.), and so much hyperbole. Mostly on Twitter, but some on the SP. Lots of it already crosses the line – this was just a bit further over it than usual.

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