In Support of One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising is, or rather was, an event intended to “end violence against women and girls” by getting a handful of the ten thousand or so people who actually heard about it to get up and dance on video.

It has been generally panned by even the most sedentary slacktivists as being meaningless, but this reporter disagrees. Read more of this post

21st century labels should not be a quick route to fame

In this reporter’s opinion, “blogger” should be viewed as much of a profession as “juggler” or “gum-chewer” are.

The 551 People Melody Hensley Follows

Sources have sent this reporter a list of the 551 people CFI-DC Director Melody “but this is my personal account” Hensley follows using her @melodyhensley account on Twitter. In honor of Follow Friday, here is that list:
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