The 551 People Melody Hensley Follows

Sources have sent this reporter a list of the 551 people CFI-DC Director Melody “but this is my personal account” Hensley follows using her @melodyhensley account on Twitter. In honor of Follow Friday, here is that list:

Doctor Pug ‏ @DoctorPug
Medical Dog providing heals and feels with his expertise and #Pugscriptions.

Jaimy Warner ‏ @wantonwerewolf
Atheist activist filmmaker. Toronto director @cfiontario and manager @RaindanceCanada. Tweets on this account not endorsed/approved by either org.

Anne Sauer ‏ @aynsavoy
I like cooking, eating, craft cocktails, science, and my cats. I blog for and study at Presidio Graduate School.

Anita Sarkeesian ‏ @anitasarkeesian
This is my personal account, if you are looking for Feminist Frequency follow me @femfreq

DocSpook ‏ @DocSpook
Former Combat Medic; currently a student of Biology, Mathematics, and the human condition.

Kevin M Diffily ‏ @kevdiff
@VolgenauSchool Java EE Developer by day. Urban planning, economics degrees next life. GMU Applied IT/ Dad / Liberal / GenX / Selective Service CO Status

Lindsay Beyerstein ‏ @Beyerstein
Investigative journalist, photographer, blogger at Clear it With Sidney at the Hillman Foundation and Duly Noted at In These Times.

Tim Farley ‏ @krelnik
Research Fellow for @JREF. Software guy & skeptic who created Fan of science, space, jazz, blues, beer & good comedy.

Melissa ‏ @melcich
Political junkie. Friendly skeptic. Blissfully married. Book lover. Wisconsinite.

Catherine A Fiorello ‏ @CAFiorello
Scientist, atheist, feminist

Aratina Cage ‏ @aratina
~=[,,_,,]:3 *Nyan* *Nyan* | Call me Clammy, Clammy Steel. | #OpheliasMinion | #FTBullies Unite!

Nicholas Condon ‏ @NJCondon
Full-time research scientist, avid amateur photographer, three-time Jeopardy! champion, agnostic atheist, big fan of social justice

Lindy West ‏ @thelindywest
I am the Wyld Stallyn that mounts the world.

Kate Harding ‏ @KateHarding
Author of Asking for It (fall 2013). Co-author of Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere. Recently named one of the 9 Ugliest Feminists in America.

Michael Kimsey ‏ @MikeKimsey
Universal skeptic, mediocre linguist, eternal novice, hoping to get it right one day.

Melanie Mallon ‏ @MelMall
Freelance editor & writer, science groupie, geek stalker, Skepchick events coordinator (, TS contributor (

JoergR ‏ @JoergR
Quant and ScienceBlogger

Conrad Hackett ‏ @conradhackett
Practicing demography and sociology, measuring global religion. @pewforum, a branch of @pewresearch. Half my tweets are above average.

Janet Heimlich ‏ @janetheimlich
Award-winning journalist and author of BREAKING THEIR WILL, first book to fully examine child abuse and neglect in America that is enabled by religious belief.

Catherine Ξανθή ‏ @Xanthe_Cat
Cathy is a Melburnian, feminist, freethinker, pansexual, catlover, singer, writer, and genderqueer trans woman!

Richard Nicholl ‏ @doxievee
I study Law at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Sometimes I write things. Drivel-peddler.

latsot ‏ @latsot
Let me through, I’m a scientist.

Zach Pidgeon ‏ @philzombi
I am a philosophical zombie. In short I am a replica of a real live human being. This soulless existence drives me to Atheism, Liberalism, and Romeroism.

Josh Witten ‏ @joshwitten
PhD studying genetics & molecular biology. Mercenary science writer/editor/consultant. Co-Founder & Creative Director of @finchandpea.

gretta vosper ‏ @grettavosper
Irritating the church into the 21st century.

ess bee ‏ @RandomAntics
Elevating the inane. Mundanity in spades, and the savings are passed on to you!

TCC ‏ @InMyUnbelief
I’m a deconverted Christian, hoping to connect with other unbelieving kindred spirits. #atheist #skeptic #freethinker

Oksana ‏ @WabbitWorship
Two things that I will never believe in are god and the human prerogative to exploit animals. Any arguments in favour of either are completely lame. Read up.

Corey Lee Wrenn ‏ @CoreyLeeWrenn
Rationalist vegan abolitionist, feminist, atheist, sociologist, and nonviolent activist.

Peggy Revell ‏ @pegspirate
Queen of the Dorks. I journalistize stuff. How exactly did I end up in Alberta? (My work-related acct is: @MHNprevell Here, I roam free. FREE!)

Be Secular ‏ @BeSecular
Fight for a more secular nation! Half of all bracelet proceeds go various secular causes. see for info.

Brendan Murphy ‏ @brendanbikes
Support specialist at @skyword, feminist atheist, musician, 365-day bicycle nut, @nowlikephotos radio host. @secularstudents board member. Opinions my own.

Donna Mugavero ‏ @MsInformation
Geologic Universe, vault-keeper. Sheer Brick, principal. Dark Øverlord Media, diva. Bethlehem Mounties, media. MAL, member. Skepchick.

NonStampCollector ‏ @nonstampNSC
youtube antitheismist

Dick Coughlan ‏ @coughlan616
Secret Muslim, Cultural Marxist, Culinary Fascist with a Black Belt in Political Correctness 🙂

Dr. Stephen Uhl ‏ @Stevuhl
I work for FairTax (H.R. 25 & S. 13)–replaces over 70,000 pages of I.R.S. favoritism with simple, fair federal sales tax– historic!

CFI-Northeast Ohio ‏ @CFINEOhio
Center for Inquiry – Northeast Ohio is a group of rationalists, skeptics and humanists that sponsors local events, activism, lectures and educational programs.

Secularism UK ‏ @NatSecSoc
National Secular Society. Britain’s only organisation working exclusively towards a secular society.

Mary Ellen Sikes ‏ @maryellensikes
Founder & president of American @SecularCensus . My personal account: opinions not necessarily those of Census registrants. Also, more baby pix, rants, & love.

steveahlquist ‏ @steveahlquist
Watch out! Steve Ahlquist is a writer, artist, award winning filmaker and Humanist Activist.

(The rest of this list is presented with minimal formatting. It’s a long list.)

ozyfrantz ‏ @ozyfrantz
Professional, public Twitter of Ozy Frantz, skeptic feminist geek. Post updates and interesting news stories!

Atheist Alliance Int ‏ @atheistalliance
The international organization of democratic atheist societies and individuals

Brad Emery ‏ @ModVAVet

Feminist Frequency ‏ @femfreq
Feminist Frequency is an ongoing web series that explores the representations, myths and messages in our media. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.

Hugo Schwyzer ‏ @hugoschwyzer
Husband, dad, teacher, writer, speaker, @jezebel contributor. Trying unsuccessfully to quit diet Coke since 1987.

ing ing ‏ @ingdamnit

Misogyny Watch ‏ @MisogynyWatch
Noticing misogyny in the media. And mentioning it.

Celine Loup ‏ @celineorelse
Illustrator. Starship Captain. Pantswarrior.

Julie Elizabeth ‏ @Jem_93
PoliComm Major at GWU. President and Founder of the GW Secular Society.

GW Secular Society ‏ @GWSKEPTIC
Science & Knowledge Empowering People to Intelligently Choose at #GWU.

Mindy Nettifee ‏ @thecultofmindy
poet, designer, activist, serial optimist, and a keeper

Mary Beth Williams ‏ @embeedub writer. Gimme Shelter author. Melanomaniac. Uptowner. Omnivore. Instigator. Caller of shenanigans.

Bjarte Foshaug ‏ @BjarteSF
Hey, don’t confuse me with people who have a life…

Aerik Knapp-Loomis ‏ @Aerik
Rare male feminist, womanist ally, atheist+, skeptic from Kansas

Kammy ‏ @Procrastinatrx
Skepchick/Atheist/Mom. You can’t change anyone, you can only change yourself. Be the best person you can be, then be better than that.

Andrew Tripp ‏ @ahtripp
DePaul student studying Philosophy and Art History. President of @DAFTDePaul. Scoundrel, raconteur, the Arcade Fire of Bloggers ~ @vogonpoetry42

B ~ ‏ @bvganfematheist
vegan, feminist, atheist, workout nut, mum, partner, friend, accountant, Citizen Radio miscreant, not necessarily in that order 🙂

Pew Forum ‏ @pewforum
Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life delivers timely, impartial information on issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs.

SkepticsGuide ‏ @SkepticsGuide
The official Twitter for The Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe.

Michigan SSA ‏ @MichiganSSA
We are the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Michigan! Contact us: SecularStudents-Owner [at] umich [dot] edu

Yamileth.Freethinker ‏ @YamiFreethinker
Alpha Female Homo Sapiens. Atheist humanist addicted to owls & astrophotography.

Shy ‏ @shyguyisshy

Eileen Rosin ‏ @erosin47

Mikel ‏ @SkepticalSeeker

DC Debbie ‏ @DCdebbie
Do-gooder, do-badder, homo-lover, right-wing basher, gym-fanatic, atheist, rebel w a cause.

Jessica Valenti ‏ @JessicaValenti
Feminist evangelist & author. Formerly of @Feministing, now at @TheNation & @BerkmanCenter. Find my books here:

David Gorski ‏ @gorskon
A surgical oncologist fighting for science-based medicine over woo.

julian francisco ‏ @JlnFrancisco
Someday I’ll be worth something.

Caitlin Quinn ‏ @thefemarchetype
A Feminist and Atheist and not afraid to say it out loud.

Coleson ‏ @ctbreen13
Work as a data analyst and volunteer as a progressive political organizer in the heart of political darkness (DC)

Matt Licata ‏ @miraimatt
Spending as much time in the future as possible.

GiGi Chickee ‏ @GiGiChickee
Wife to my gorgeous husband, @Oraxis_X. Mother to my four girls (two of which are identical twins). Secular Homeschooler. Photographer. Skeptic. Atheist.

Jean Kazez ‏ @JeanKazez
philosopher, etc.

Robert Bevins ‏ @RLBevins
Scientist, skeptic, Homo sapiens. – Biology educationalist, writer, looking for FT bio edu position. Tweets are my own. RTs/links/follows aren’t endorsements

WilloNyx ‏ @WilloNyx
mom, atheist, cister, blogger, and buffy fanatic

Juhem Navarro-Rivera ‏ @juhemnr
Research Assoc. @publicreligion; Political Scientist; researcher & lecturer: secularism, latino politics, & representation in US & Latin America.

Mark Esser ‏ @marksbark
Evangelical atheist, classical guitarist, curmudgeon, all around righteous dude. I’m a prophet. Follow me.

Noelle George ‏ @silveroak77
Atheist, humanist, skeptic, chem engr, co-host @pwrpodcast, Ops Mgr @foundbb & @volunteersbb, and oh yeah, mom, wife, friend, etc.

Pat O’Brien ‏ @PatPenguin88
I am a Props Master working in Vancouver. I am the past president of Humanist Canada and am currently on the board of CFI Canada.

Eran Segev ‏ @EranSegev

Trinity Aodh ‏ @TrinityPixie
Atheist, trans woman, pixie

Michael Simpson ‏ @skepticalraptor
Supporting evidence-based medicine, debunking pseudoscience, and analyzing new medical tech. Supporting Syracuse, Utes, Kings and Panthers (NHL), and Marlins.

Julie Press ‏ @Wifepick
Geek by marriage. Would read for a living if it paid well, or at all.

Grace ‏ @GraceKeerohz
Recent college graduate, beer snob, pet-parent, lover of fashion, and fan of the Oxford comma.

JoeMyGod ‏ @JoeMyGod
LGBT news, activism, anti-theism, opinion, gay culture, music, theater. JMG is a homo goulash fighting the fascist right. Direct from Manhattan! Obama 2012!

Lorin Kleinman ‏ @lorinkleinman
Read a lot, write book reviews, hate pseudoscience, concerned about food and the planet. Curious about everything.

Nicole Introvert ‏ @nicoleintrovert
injured runner, reader and maker of zines, haver of generalized anxiety disorder, feminist, free thinker, skeptic, humanist, atheist.

jaf sica ‏ @jafsica
Interests: baseball, biology, insects. Entomology graduate student in MN. Feminist. Atheist. Skeptic. Photo by Ben Zvan. Science is my boyfriend.

Ania Bula ‏ @DearAnia
#atheistrollcall I am a Polish Canadian cis woman atheist feminist social justice blogger with interest in psychology, science, politics, and literature

MishiyaLee ‏ @MishiyaLee
RPCV Kyrgyzstan (2010-2012). Likes: human rights, interfaith-atheist, church-state, religious freedom & reproductive health issues.

The SSA @ NU ‏ @NU_SSA
We are the Secular Student Alliance at Northwestern University, the best God-damned group on campus.

David Futrelle ‏ @DavidFutrelle
Writer. Bon vivant. Proprietor of the blog Man Boobz.

Anna ‏ @annarotica
Just another godless goddess living in Washington, DC.

Natalie Reed ‏ @nataliereed84
Trans-feminist grrl blogger. Queer, recovering addict, […]-survivor, etc. Sometimes thinks some things about stuff, and writes some stuff about the things.

C4 Free Expression ‏ @CFICFE
An initiative of the Center for Inquiry to focus attention and efforts on one of the most basic human rights: freedom of expression.

Gavin Fulmer ‏ @GavinFulmer
education researcher focusing on learning and instruction in school science

Mara Wilson ‏ @MaraWritesStuff
Those aren’t my real glasses. I wear contacts.

Chris Clarke ‏ @canislatrans
Nature & enviro writer, desert conservation guy. I write at and My 10-year-old blog lives at

Miri M. ‏ @sondosia
Student/writer/aspiring therapist. If feminism, atheism, and sex positivity offend you, so will I. Opinions my own, blah blah.

Sarah Kaiser ‏ @SarahebKaiser
Campus organizer for @CFIOnCampus at the @center4inquiry. Atheist, feminist, and a small part of the universe’s way of contemplating itself.

kate xian ‏ @k8xian
designer, musician, science enthusiast

Jeffrey Peel ‏ @JeffreyPeel
Researcher, writer and opinionater.

FoF Dallas ‏ @fofdallas
The Fellowship of Freethought is a secular organization in Dallas that promotes, freethought, fellowship, friendship, family, and fun!

StellaTex ‏ @StellaTex
I like cheese enchiladas, cats, books, and Michael Jackson. Evolving.

Rachel Cain ‏ @RachelNCain
Skeptic. Atheist. Secular Humanist. Attachment Parent. Ex-Christian.

Andrew Copson ‏ @andrewcopson
@BHAHumanists CEO – @IHEU VP – @conwayhall & @RECouncil Trustee – tweets=personal #humanist #liberal #left #feminist #equality #nicecupoftea #classics #history

Jennifer Bardi ‏ @JenniferBardi
Editor of The Humanist @TheHumanistMag, the award-winning bimonthly magazine of the American Humanist Association @americnhumanist.

Adam Lee ‏ @DaylightAtheism
Atheist author and speaker, blogger for @patheos, columnist for @alternet and @salon. DAYLIGHT ATHEISM: THE BOOK now available:

Kimberly Winston ‏ @kjwinston11
Reporter for @religionnewsnow covering #atheism, #humanism and other #nonbelievers. On #religion beat for 18 years. Retweet does not = endorsement ‏ @xojanedotcom
Tweets! from the editors of @JanePratt’s site, IHTM & pitches go to Instagram=@xojanedotcom.

Brandi Braschler ‏ @ThatAtheistGirl
VP Programs of @SecularWoman, board member of @HumanistsofFL, #atheistplus, #feminist, #geek, amateur herpetologist. (Opinions I express here are mine alone.)

Jadehawk ‏ @IamJadehawk

Rich Lyons ‏ @StillRichEnough
Atheist activist, former preacher, survived Pentecost, and living a good life.

Anti_Intellect ‏ @Anti_Intellect
Educator. Activist. Essayist. Gay. Feminist. Atheist. FAMU. I am Twitter’s resident Toni Morrison aficionado.

Alyson Miers ‏ @alysonmiers
I change the face of the world and tell it how to proceed. I make people from nothing and control their lives. I murder my babies. Oh, and I’m also a novelist.

Luis E. Reinoso ‏ @SkepticRhino
Just a guy on a quest to become The Most Interesting Man in the World through science, reason, and free inquiry. 🙂

Sean the Nonbeliever ‏ @SeantNb
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Jeffrey Scott Graves ‏ @scottgrvs

Laura ‏ @lebuhdez

Katha Pollitt ‏ @KathaPollitt
Politics, poetry, feminism, books, life. Most recent book is poetry: The Mind-Body Problem RT doesn’t mean like!

Feminist Caucus AHA ‏ @FeministCaucus
Founded in 1977, the Feminist Caucus of the American Humanist Association @americnhumanist works toward the advancement of women’s rights and equality.

Mandy Stadtmiller ‏ @mandystadt
Deputy editor at ( Sign up for tell-all NEWS WHORE at Don’t DM. Email:

Beth Presswood ‏ @Bethpresswood

Rick Wingrove ‏ @rickwingrove
Atheist, web designer, motorcyclist

Sally Strange ‏ @SallyStrange
If I were a dude I’d be the slacker anti-hero of an Apatow flick.

iHumanism ‏ @ihumanism
Official Twitter for iHumanism – an Internet based Humanist project

Seattle Atheists ‏ @SeattleAtheists
A non-profit educational organization dedicated to serving the atheist community in the Seattle area.

Phil Ferguson ‏ @skepticmoney
Skeptic, atheist, blogger, speaker, liberal, human.

BC Humanists ‏ @BCHumanist
The BC Humanist Association is building the humanist community in BC through education, outreach, support, and advocacy. ‏ @hafreeusa
Hispanic American Freethinkers es un grupo de hispanos SECULARES librepensadores de Washington DC, abierto a hispanos de América y el Mundo #FollowBack

Black Nonbelievers ‏ @BNonbelievers
A orgnaization dedicated to supporting and encouraging more Blacks to come out as atheists/nonbelievers. We walk by Sight, NOT Faith. #bn#blacknonbelievers

Wendy Thomas Russell ‏ @WendyRussell
Writer/author. Current project: RELAX, IT’S JUST GOD, a survival guide for nonreligious parents. Interests: #books #parenting #secularism #psychology & #humor

Adriana Heguy ‏ @AdrianaHeguy
Molecular biologist, genomics researcher, vegetarian, animal lover, atheist, fitness enthusiast. Oh! and mom of two college grads! Tweets are my own opinion.

SaraJoyM ‏ @Tempibones
Progressive thinker attempting to contribute to the evolution of Human Spirit. Technology Social Science Popular Culture. Controversial. #Prochoice is prolife.

Dan Linford ‏ @linford86

onion girl ‏ @oniongirlsays
Atheist, feminist, bleeding-heart liberal, geek, social worker and jewelry designer.

Michael Nugent ‏ @micknugent
Irish writer and activist. Bestselling books. Hit comedy musical play. Chair of Atheist Ireland. Happy, rational, ethical atheist.

Jerry W. DeWitt ‏ @jerry_dewitt
Author of ‘Hope After Faith’, being released June 2013. 1st graduate of The Clergy Project

EverydaySexism ‏ @EverydaySexism
Project documenting everyday experiences of sexism to prove how bad the problem is. We add tweets with our @ & # to the project. Pls vote

(The rest of this list is presented with no formatting whatsoever, except for the very bottom, to fool those who skip straight to it. This reporter is actually surprised that you made it down this far.)

Humanist Community Humanist Community ‏ @HumanistOhio

Don’t believe in God? You are not alone! Check us out! We’re a community in Columbus, OH, that values people, emphasizes reason, and focuses on this world.
Gloria Feldt Gloria Feldt ‏ @GloriaFeldt

Leadership speaker, author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power. Women’s advocate from where the personal and political meet.
Unchained At Last Unchained At Last ‏ @UnchainedAtLast

The only nonprofit in the US dedicated to helping women leave arranged and forced marriages.
Mandisa Thomas Mandisa Thomas ‏ @mandy0904

Born and raised in NYC, living in the ATL area. President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc. #atheist #blackfreethinkers #bn
Jim Lippard Jim Lippard ‏ @lippard

Skeptic, philosopher, Ph.D. student in Human & Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, Sr. Product Manager (security) at a U.S. managed services company.
Eskeptrical Engineer Eskeptrical Engineer ‏ @EskeptricalEng

Skeptic, feminist, and engineer.
Barry Karr Barry Karr ‏ @BarryKarr

Executive Director of CSI & Skeptical Inquirer magazine @ the Center for Inquiry
Jake Farr-Wharton Jake Farr-Wharton ‏ @JakeFarrWharton

Author of Letters to Christian Leaders – Hollow be thy claims and host of the award winning religion/science/politics podcast, The!
Natalie Newell Natalie Newell ‏ @ncnewell

School Director, Skeptic, Pug Aficionado, Recovering Music Snob.
Amer. Secular Census Amer. Secular Census ‏ @SecularCensus

The independent national registry of demographic and viewpoint data recorded by Secular Americans
Mya Riemer Mya Riemer ‏ @myariemer

If you’re looking for me, chances are you’ve found me.
Mike Booth Mike Booth ‏ @somegreybloke

Sit down comedian, sort of.
Alex Gabriel Alex Gabriel ‏ @AlexGabriel

Queer left politics, pop culture & skepticism. Politics Editor @SoSoGay, blogger at, @HeresyClub & elsewhere. Views very much my own.
Christopher Hayes Christopher Hayes ‏ @chrislhayes

Host of Up w/ Chris Hayes on MSNBC,Weekends at 8am. Editor at Large at The Nation. Cubs fan.
Julia Strange Julia Strange ‏ @juliastrange

Sexual assault & domestic violence activist. Fighting for harassment-free public spaces w/ Collective Action for Safe Spaces. All opinions my own.
David Price David Price ‏ @crocofish

Electrical Engineer who works with all things digital.
CollectiveActionDC CollectiveActionDC ‏ @SafeSpacesDC

Empowering the DC Metro area to build a community free from public sexual harassment and assault
Matt Lowry Matt Lowry ‏ @mattusmaximus

I am a physics teacher & self-described skeptic, someone who believes in Carl Sagan’s adage that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”
Todd W. Todd W. ‏ @tweek75

Author of AntiAntiVax ( and Harpocrates Speaks (, skeptic, medical ethics advocate.
Official SpokesGay Official SpokesGay ‏ @SpokesGay

Oooh. Yeah. Shake your cans.
Seattle_JC Seattle_JC ‏ @Seattle_JC

Seattle Skeptics organizer, atheist, urban zombie living in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. SCIENCE! Oh, and I support same-sex unions, marriage, or whatever..
Dan Fincke Dan Fincke ‏ @CamelsHammers

philosopher, ethicist, atheist, professor, prolific blogger, philosophical counselor, PhD. My interviews and video conversations:
Heina D. Heina D. ‏ @futilityfiles

Blogger, soon-to-be author, speaker, and all-around Person Who Says Stuff #atheistrollcall #exmuslim
Amanda Rose Amanda Rose ‏ @hawleyrose

Stroppy feminist atheist,country music death beast, worker in the Dylan-Industrial complex. Sockdologizing old man-trap. Australia’s biggest Joe Biden fan.
Sasha Pixlee Sasha Pixlee ‏ @sashapixlee

Fat lib.
Martin S Pribble Martin S Pribble ‏ @MartinPribble

#blogger #climber #feminist #atheist #humanist #science #cats #homebrew #cooking #organic gardener #disillusioned and #embittered
CFI Libraries CFI Libraries ‏ @CFILibraries

A lovely assortment of quotes, quips, and other such nonsense from various freethinkers, as well as updates about fun happenings in the library.
Lyz Liddell Lyz Liddell ‏ @lyzmaytweet

Director of campus organizing at the Secular Student Alliance, musician, cook, writer, RPGer, gardener, cyclist, etc.
Timid Atheist Timid Atheist ‏ @TimidAtheist

Cis Woman, Mother, Programmer, Atheist, Humanist, Womanist, Chocolate Lover, Geek
Lee Christie Lee Christie ‏ @java7nerd

Ph. D. student (A.I.) at @RobertGordonUni. Founder/President of @rgufreethought, feminist, skeptic, atheist, gamer, and @Skeptic_News blogger for @The21stFloor.
Dave Muscato Dave Muscato ‏ @davemuscato

@SecularStudents Volunteer Network Coordinator (Missouri/Kansas); LGBTQ ally; Atheist blogr @ &; Vegetr’n; student @ Mizzou
Sarah Maddox Sarah Maddox ‏ @sarahezoo

/Orangutans are skeptical…and the zookeeper is very fond of rum/— I’m a Secular/Skeptic #Eurymylus blogger tweetin bout Animals, Science, & #forrestthebunny
Secular Cafe Secular Cafe ‏ @Secular_Cafe

Secular Café provides a venue in cyberspace for people who want to socialize, share support, and debate or discuss intellectual subjects in a civil environment.
Secular Woman Secular Woman ‏ @SecularWoman

The mission of Secular Woman is to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women. #Secularism #Atheist #Feminist
Tony Lakey Tony Lakey ‏ @TonyLakey

President of MU Skeptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists, and Agnostics. Majoring in Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Missouri – Columbia.
Michael Payton Michael Payton ‏ @MichaelPayton67

National Director at CFI Canada: Interests in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Biological Science, Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence. ‏ @UniteWomenOrg

As a national non-partisan grassroots organization, our mission is to end inequality for women.
More ^Than Men More ^Than Men ‏ @MoreThanMen

More Than Men is a diversity awareness project and call to action. It’s about men doing their part to promote diversity and equality.
carl tracy carl tracy ‏ @chaos46692

Nerd, skeptic & feminist who lives on a farm. Teacher for @gdicbus, President of @ColumbusSkeptic content editor of @MoreThanMen
Alice Pine Alice Pine ‏ @aliceispine

Office Manager at Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles. Interested in secularism, women’s issues, science, lowbrow art, zombies. Comments not endorsed by CFI.
Kate Donovan Kate Donovan ‏ @donovanable

Sarcasm, derpfaces, & real good trouble. Anarch@fem. Blogs about mental health on FtB. VNC of @SecularStudents for Military Academies. Opinions are my own.
Veronica K.B.O. Veronica K.B.O. ‏ @VeronicaInPink

Bitchzilla, Princess of Darkness. I’m a physicist, skeptic, feminist and secular humanist; blogger and writer (beta). I am also a trans woman in mid-transition.
Holly Kearl Holly Kearl ‏ @hkearl

Author & Speaker. Founder of @StopStHarassmnt, Work at @AAUW. #EndSH
Jason Thibeault Jason Thibeault ‏ @lousycanuck

Skeptic, gamer, computer geek, feminist, atheist, asshole, Freethought Blogger, and damn good looking to boot
Andy Thomson Andy Thomson ‏ @DrAndyThomson

My current interests are depression, suicide terrorism, and religious belief. New book: Why We Believe In God(s), Foreword by Richard Dawkins
Dr. Darrel W. Ray Dr. Darrel W. Ray ‏ @thegodvirus

Founder of Recovering from Religion and psychologist
Monette Richards Monette Richards ‏ @MistressOfFrog

I am a feminist, atheist woman who, fortunately, does not have to depend on her wit to get through life.
taslima nasreen taslima nasreen ‏ @taslimanasreen

Writer, Secular Humanist, Feminist, Physician
Freethought House Freethought House ‏ @FreethoughtHous

Freethought House’s mission is to foster a secular perspective in society by publishing quality books which break barriers of authority, tradition, and dogma.
Atheist Voices of MN Atheist Voices of MN ‏ @AtheistVoicesMN

Atheist Voices of Minnesota: An Anthology of Personal Stories is a book now available. All net proceeds benefit MN Atheists. Authors include PZ Myers.
HugMe! I’mVaccinated HugMe! I’mVaccinated ‏ @HugMeImVaxed

An educational and outreach project to promote a healthier community through vaccination.
Catherine Dunphy Catherine Dunphy ‏ @CatherineD_tcp

Acting Executive Director, The Clergy Project. Former chaplain and atheist.
Kevin P Jennings Kevin P Jennings ‏ @kevinpjennings

Maryanne Burgos Maryanne Burgos ‏ @anciana

Teacher of online courses on educational uses of the Internet especially for language learners.
Trina Short Trina Short ‏ @trinalin

Chemistry/Physics teacher, webmaster, cat lover, Sylvester McCoy fan – what more do you need?
NoForbiddenQuestions NoForbiddenQuestions ‏ @NFQblog

Scientist, graduate student, atheist blogger.
Lyndsey Jefferson Lyndsey Jefferson ‏ @lyndseyj

Postgrad student, writer, novice world traveller
Soraya Chemaly Soraya Chemaly ‏ @schemaly

Saying feministy things about gender absurdities in media, religion, pop culture & politics. Out loud. Rather laugh than cry while doing it! HuffPo & others.
Victoria Victoria ‏ @Victoriaed90

We ought to make the best we can of the world and if its not so good as we wish, it will still be better than what these others have made – Bertrand Russell

A community of non-religious students and allies at UCF dedicated to promoting secularism in all aspects of life.
UniteWomenOH UniteWomenOH ‏ @UniteWomenOH

Official Ohio State Twitter Page for Unite Against the War on Women. Joining together to say enough is enough!
Elsa Roberts Elsa Roberts ‏ @elsalroberts

#LGBT and women’s rights activist. #Feminist #Atheist #Cyclist #SecularWoman Board Member. Eater and maker of tasty things. Dismantling the patriarchy every day
Monica Harmsen Monica Harmsen ‏ @LittleKropotkin

Atheist activist. Umich SSA president. Compulsive photographer. Lover of humanity.
Elisheva Elisheva ‏ @SecularlyYours

Godless secular humanist. Sex Positive. Ireland ♥. Expat Pakistani. Married to one of my kind. UWCer. Blasphemous ex-Muslim. Offensive is a stupid word.
innaiah narisetti innaiah narisetti ‏ @innaiahn

Ph.D with philosophy of science.worked as university teacher and journalist as well as humanist to promote scientific method.
Ashley F. Miller Ashley F. Miller ‏ @ashleyfmiller

A fanatic is one who can’t change their mind and won’t change the subject
Brianne Bilyeu Brianne Bilyeu ‏ @abiodork

Scientist, blogger, geek, atheist, activist, humanist, optimist, ever-aspiring skeptic. Wifey, daughter, sister. I love to learn something new every day!
inctier inctier ‏ @IncTier

West Point and Harvard alum. I lived in NYC, Boston, and TX. Worked in Venture Capital – I’m in for life. Now DC – I’m staying!
Black Skeptics Group Black Skeptics Group ‏ @BlackSkepticsLA

The Black Skeptics Group is a safe space for black freethinkers who feel marginalized and unaccepted by black faith communities.
Vincent Truman Vincent Truman ‏ @vincenttruman

Based on a true story. Presented with limited commercial interruptions.
Sarah Moglia Sarah Moglia ‏ @Mowgli3

I’m a vegan, feminist, professional atheist because I didn’t think just being a woman pissed off the GOP enough. Also, Crohn’s/poop. [Opinions are my own.]
Jarrett Kaufman Jarrett Kaufman ‏ @TurboFool

Actor, atheist, skeptic, fascinated. Co-creator of The Odds Must Be Crazy, Timmy on Mr. Deity, member of Independent Investigations Group, .
Matt Dillahunty Matt Dillahunty ‏ @Matt_Dillahunty

Atheist Community of Austin Atheist Experience Live! TV show
Women’s Watch List Women’s Watch List ‏ @NatlWOW

Womens Watch List shares info about womens issues and other hot topics of the day. My tweets are mine no one tweets for me!
laraemeadows laraemeadows ‏ @laraemeadows

Movie Reviewer, Business Owner, Child Advocate, Future Ruler
Tarek Fatah Tarek Fatah ‏ @TarekFatah

An Indian born in Pakistan; a Punjabi born in Islam, of Hindu ancestry & Sikh heritage. A ‘Sarmachar’ grounded in a Marxist youth, I’m above all a Canadian.
EllenBeth Wachs EllenBeth Wachs ‏ @EllenBethWachs

President, Humanists of Florida; Founder, The Atheist Empathy Campaign; Personal Philosophy- Treat Cats like Gods
KevinSmith KevinSmith ‏ @theOtherKSmith

Participant, observer of the world. Photographer for work and play. Writer for sanity. Secularist. Atheist for Life. Activist. Happy Chair for CFI Canada.
Kimberley Kimberley ‏ @kimberley504

All around nice gal. Kermit singing The Rainbow Connection makes me misty eyed.
The AHA Foundation The AHA Foundation ‏ @AHAFoundation

AHA Foundation protects women in the West from oppression justified by religion/culture by fighting honor violence, forced marriage & female genital mutilation
Nathan Phelps Nathan Phelps ‏ @n8phelps

Maintaining & defending pure gospel truth – gods don’t exist, the world is as good as we make it.
CFI Indiana CFI Indiana ‏ @cfiindy

Promoting Science and Reason.
Dignity in Dying Dignity in Dying ‏ @dignityindying

We want everyone to have what they consider to be a good death, including the option of an assisted death for terminally ill, mentally competent adults.
Corey Farach Corey Farach ‏ @CoreyFarach

Promoting reason, science, human rights and haphazard silliness.
Teresa Macbain Teresa Macbain ‏ @Teresamacbain

Executive Director- Humanists of Florida, Humanist, Freethinker, Bibliophile, Musician, Wife, Mom, Friend…
Shelley Segal Shelley Segal ‏ @ShelleySegal

Oz Singer-Songwriter/Secular-humanist.Current projects: An Atheist Album. Chemistry w/ Carl Cox, writing, playing, learning, laughing and touring
Michelle Goldberg Michelle Goldberg ‏ @michelleinbklyn

Senior writer for Newsweek/The Daily Beast, and author of Kingdom Coming and The Means of Reproduction.
Angel Troncoso Angel Troncoso ‏ @autroncoso

Jezebel Jezebel ‏ @Jezebel

Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.
Media Democracy WIFP Media Democracy WIFP ‏ @WIFP

Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press, non-profit organization founded in 1972, works on media democracy issues and expanding women’s voices.
Patrick Lindley Patrick Lindley ‏ @launchpat

Advocate of science, space exploration, and NASA. Enthusiast of all forms of flight. Critical/skeptical free thinker. Nature lover. Amateur astronomer. Atheist.
ReligionNewsService ReligionNewsService ‏ @ReligionNewsNow

Our mission is to provide in-depth, non-sectarian coverage of religion, spirituality and ideas.
Carrie Poppy Carrie Poppy ‏ @CarriePoppyYES

Co-host(ess) of Oh No, Ross and Carrie; edible; improv-er and improver.
SkepticClyde SkepticClyde ‏ @SkepticClyde

Skeptic, Humanist, Agnostic, Freethinker. If you think extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, follow me.
Nick Cohen Nick Cohen ‏ @NickCohen4

I write for the Observer, Time, Spectator and Standpoint. Author of What’s Left and You Can’t Read This Book
Brian Hart Brian Hart ‏ @Zaphod900

Just this guy, you know.
Baltimore Homeschool Baltimore Homeschool ‏ @HomeschoolBalt

This is not your grandma’s homeschool. We are secular, diverse, and throw rockin’ parties.
Gina Gina ‏ @insight_lover

A book-loving, psychologist-aspiring, John-Denver-superfanning atheist who has the hope of helping other people struggling with mental illness.
The Human Bible The Human Bible ‏ @humanbible

Arthur Caplan Arthur Caplan ‏ @ArthurCaplan

Professor, NYU Langone Medical Ctr
Vyckie D. Garrison Vyckie D. Garrison ‏ @NoQuivering

No Longer Quivering is gathering place for women escaping & recovering from spiritual abuse. #Quiverfull #Duggars #religion #feminist #atheist #teamfollowback
Syd LeRoy Syd LeRoy ‏ @_sydleroy

Executive Director of CFI-NYC (all opinions here are mine and not necessarily those of CFI) interested in secularism, human rights, gender, sexuality, art, food
American Atheists American Atheists ‏ @atheists_org

Ronnelle Adams Ronnelle Adams ‏ @RonnelleAdams

Author of Aching and Praying.
Susan Gerbic Susan Gerbic ‏ @SusanGerbic

Skeptical Junkie just wants to DO SOMETHING to help the skeptical cause. Member of IIG and Monterey County Skeptics.
Amanda K. Metskas Amanda K. Metskas ‏ @metskas

Indre Viskontas Indre Viskontas ‏ @indrevis

Recovering neuroscientist (memory & creativity). Working opera singer (soprano). Translator of science (host @PointofInquiry & Miracle Detectives, writer).
The Freethinker Mag The Freethinker Mag ‏ @FreethinkerMag

The voice of atheism since 1881.
F. Andy Seidl F. Andy Seidl ‏ @faseidl

Dell Software R&D engineer; MyST Technology Partners director/co-founder; Web 2.0 architect; serial entrepreneur; dad; hiker; skeptic; guitar hack; runner
Rhys Morgan Rhys Morgan ‏ @rhysmorgan

18 year old. Skeptic. Atheist. Thug watchdog. Accidental Cupid.
Georgina Capetillo Georgina Capetillo ‏ @Georgicape

Howard Alumni. Atheist. Humanist. Skeptic. Feminist. LBTQ rights advocate. Grad Student at Umass Boston.
Michael De Dora Michael De Dora ‏ @mdedora

Public policy director @center4inquiry, blogger at The Moral Perspective, student of life. Views are my own.
Wonkette Wonkette ‏ @Wonkette

The DC Gossip
Blaise F Egan Blaise F Egan ‏ @BlaiseFEgan

Statistician, Trustee of the British Humanist Association, Science fan. Dyed-in-the-wool pinko liberal. My tweets are my own.
Aaron Aaron ‏ @AligheriDurante

Graduate Student. Too old to be cool. Atheist. Transfaith/Interfaith Coordinator. Not really Ian MacKaye (But I want to be).
Tx Freedom Network Tx Freedom Network ‏ @TFN

Protecting religious freedom, defending civil liberties, strengthening public schools
Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood ‏ @PPact

Planned Parenthood Action Fund is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization formed as the advocacy / political arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Marc David Barnhill Marc David Barnhill ‏ @MarcDBarnhill

Critical Thinking/Reading/Writing educator, skepticism advocate, social justice ally. Host of @SkepConnections podcast, NYC Metacognitive Brunch leader.
Annie Laurie Gaylor Annie Laurie Gaylor ‏ @algaylor

I am co-founder, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, editor, Women Without Superstition, author Woe to Women: Bible Tells Me So.
Maryam Namazie Maryam Namazie ‏ @MaryamNamazie

Stevie Ray Fromstein Stevie Ray Fromstein ‏ @TheHolyAtheist

TV writer, Comedian (appeared on Letterman & Leno, tour with #NormMacdonald), Atheism Podcast. …Proof by humor – you can’t laugh & disagree at the same time.
Bob Novella Bob Novella ‏ @bobnovella

Science Geek, SGU Podcaster, Halloween and PeanutButter freak, Future Cyborg and/or Zombie
The PASS The PASS ‏ @PhoenixSkeptics

Phoenix Area Skeptics Society: Promoting science and critical thinking for a more rational future
Noah Wiles Noah Wiles ‏ @my3rdeye

Atheist, Skeptic in Training, wife lovin’, tech lovin’, music lovin’, movie lovin’, Apple Inc. lovin’, science lovin’ dude.
Kim Rippere Kim Rippere ‏ @ActivistAtheist

President at @SecularWoman ( #Atheist. #Secularist. #Feminist. This is my personal account. 😉
Sarah Posner Sarah Posner ‏ @sarahposner

senior editor @RDispatches, investigative journalist and author
Zinnia Jones Zinnia Jones ‏ @ZJemptv

Atheism, civil rights, LGBT, feminism, trans stuff. Blogging, vlogging, public speaking. FTB, HuffPo, The New Civil Rights Movement.
Jeff Randall Jeff Randall ‏ @Rodibidably

Subscribe to no dogmas, respect no sacred cows, accept nothing on faith, and believe “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence“…
Houston Atheists Houston Atheists ‏ @HoustonAtheists

We’re the world’s largest atheist community! We meet socially for many events throughout the month at convenient locations throughout the city and suburbs.
Reality Check Reality Check ‏ @realitycheckprr

Your weekly dose of reality covering topics of social justice, women’s rights, gay rights, skepticism and more.
Fuse Washington Fuse Washington ‏ @FuseWA

Fuse is Washington state’s largest progressive organization – people creating change online, on the ground, and on issues that matter.
Jodi Jacobson Jodi Jacobson ‏ @jljacobson

Analyst, advocate, writer, mom. Feminist. Thinker & doer. Realist & dreamer. Progressive but not predictable. Editor-in-Chief, RH Reality Check. Tweets R my own
Dan Barker Dan Barker ‏ @DanBarkerFFRF

co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Author of _Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists.
HumanistLegalCenter HumanistLegalCenter ‏ @HumanistLegal

The Appignani Humanist Legal Center, a part of the AHA, exists to defend the separation of church and state and the rights of humanists and atheists.
August Berkshire August Berkshire ‏ @augustberkshire

President of Minnesota Atheists. Past vice president of Atheist Alliance International. On speakers bureau for Center for Inquiry + Secular Student Alliance.
Camp Quest Camp Quest ‏ @CampQuest

Camp Quest (noun): 1. Summer camp that is beyond belief! 2. A place for fun, friends, and freethought for kids ages 8-17.
Amanda Knief Amanda Knief ‏ @mzdameanor

Managing director of American Atheists, attorney, rock climber, bibliophile, politico, & dog lover.
Rob Boston Rob Boston ‏ @RobBoston1

Separation of church and state. The Victorians. Monsters, etc. Obnoxious opinions presented are my own.
Roy Speckhardt Roy Speckhardt ‏ @rspeckhardt

Advocate for humanism and living the good life.
Secular Students HU Secular Students HU ‏ @SecularHU

Secular Students at Howard University
Gaytheist Gaytheist ‏ @Gaytheist

Contagious Freethinker, Humanist and LGBT Activist, and Religious Studies and Political Science Student at the University of California Irvine
Black FreeThinkers Black FreeThinkers ‏ @BlkFreeThinkers

Black FreeThinkers – We are here to challenge you to think and live for yourself, not convert you. #blackhumanist #blackfreethinker #bnoc #LGBT #chicago #locs
Leighann Leighann ‏ @LeighannLord

Stand-Up Comedian & Writer | Seen on Comedy Central, HBO, The View || If comedy were music, I’d be jazz. || Conflicted Jedi with a summer home on the Dark Side.
We Are AAH We Are AAH ‏ @aahumanism

African Americans for Humanism is engaged in developing humanism in the African American community.
NationalAtheistParty NationalAtheistParty ‏ @NationalAtheist

We are an American #political party, uniquely formed as a true, #constitutional movement, reaching out to all who seek a #secular #government. #NAP
Humanist Institute Humanist Institute ‏ @HumanistInst

The Humanist Institute exists to equip humanists to become effective leaders, spokespersons, and advocates in a variety of organizational settings.
Ricky Gervais Ricky Gervais ‏ @rickygervais

Writer, director, actor, producer, bare knuckle boxer, Creator of The Office, Extras, Flanimals, Derek, and co-founder of JustSayin –
Crommunist Crommunist ‏ @Crommunist

Scientist, skeptic, atheist, musician, anti-racist, feminist, blogger
Caryn Caryn ‏ @carebear728

DanaEllyn DanaEllyn ‏ @danaellyn

There is a daring allegorical uniqueness to a Dana Ellyn painting. Dana Ellyn is a story-teller, a modern day town crier, documenting current events.
AM950RADIO AM950RADIO ‏ @AM950Radio

The Progressive Voice of MN is the liberal talk station dedicated to bringing unfiltered, lively debate to our listeners and our community!
Jessica Ahlquist Jessica Ahlquist ‏ @jessicaahlquist

Josh Bunting Josh Bunting ‏ @josh_b42

I write about skepticism, religion, and politics. Avid indoorsman. Email is bunting dot josh at gmail dot com. Blocked by @ChuckWoolery.
Stephanie Zvan Stephanie Zvan ‏ @szvan

Writer, blogger, geek and skeptic. Sometimes very silly.
Sikivu Hutchinson Sikivu Hutchinson ‏ @sikivuhutch

writer, feminist, atheist, humanist, author of Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics & Values Wars & forthcoming Godless Americana:Race&Religious Rebels
Red State Atheist Red State Atheist ‏ @RedStateAtheist

Atheist in a foxhole. Progenitor of mini atheists. Verbal pugilist. Mastication fanatic. Inventor of the question mark.
BeautiflBlackAtheist BeautiflBlackAtheist ‏ @briabria

#FormerJW_NonDenomPentecostalXtian,#Atheist, #NationalAtheistParty, #Lesbian, #ProChoice, #Apostate, @MinorityAtheist (meetup grp)
Zack Kopplin Zack Kopplin ‏ @ZackKopplin

Began the fight against creationism in Louisiana, appeared in Vogue, on Hardball, at the Playboy Mansion. Student @riceuniversity also @repealthelsea Pro #NOLA
Mark D. Hatcher Mark D. Hatcher ‏ @markdhatcher

Ph.D. Candidate in Physiology and Biophysics at Howard, guitarist for Immaletchufinish, founder & Pres of Secular Students HU. Loves Brownies.
UB Freethinkers UB Freethinkers ‏ @UBFreethinkers

Demanding evidence. Defending reason. At The State University of New York at Buffalo.
Charles Duhigg Charles Duhigg ‏ @cduhigg

New York Times reporter, author The Power of Habit (, about science of habit formation ( Contact: caduhigg@gmail
Reason Podcast Reason Podcast ‏ @ReasonPodcast

REASON Podcast is a weekly discussion of events, current and historical, from a skeptical and rational perspective without theological bias.
Religion Dispatches Religion Dispatches ‏ @RDispatches

Expert opinion, in-depth reporting, and provocative updates from the intersection of religion, politics and culture.
Samhita Mukhopadhyay Samhita Mukhopadhyay ‏ @TheSamhita

Digital Strategist @Purpose, Executive Editor @Feministing, Author of Outdated:, sleep never.
Brian Magee Brian Magee ‏ @BrianMageeAHA

Communications Associate for American Humanist Association (Tweets are my own; retweets mean nothing) Personal podcast:
Greta Christina Greta Christina ‏ @GretaChristina

Atheist feminist sex writer and blogger, public speaker, bi-dyke, rabble-rouser, firebrand, food snob, fashionista without a budget, keeper of the pillow fort.
Angelia Stinnett Angelia Stinnett ‏ @astinnett12

Political activist, 2012 Congressional write-in candidate, writer, mom, pet hoarder, political junkie.
Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie ‏ @SalmanRushdie

In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man: I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.
Ryan M. Jean Ryan M. Jean ‏ @RyanMJean

Skeptical Librarian Skeptical Librarian ‏ @SkepticLibraryn

Skepticism, Freethought, critical thinking, digital libraries, technology and GOOD BEER. ‘Nuff said.
Cory Albrecht Cory Albrecht ‏ @Bytor

A very boring yet skeptical computer geek.
Massimo Polidoro Massimo Polidoro ‏ @massimopolidoro

Writer, journalist and… Investigator of mysteries – Scrittore, giornalista, Segretario nazionale del CICAP
Sharon Moss Sharon Moss ‏ @mosssm

Stand near me long enough and I’ll probably pick you up. Oh, and food rocks.
Adam Bouska Adam Bouska ‏ @bouska

Fashion Photographer & NOH8 Campaign Co-Founder ★★★★★ Photo shoot booking e-mail:
Ian Murphy Ian Murphy ‏ @Ian_Murphy

HumanRightsCampaign HumanRightsCampaign ‏ @HRC

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.
RH Reality Check RH Reality Check ‏ @rhrealitycheck

News, analysis, commentary and community for reproductive and sexual health and justice.
Sean Faircloth Sean Faircloth ‏ @SeanFaircloth

Author of Attack of the Theocrats, How the Religious Right Harms Us All and What We Can Do About It.
Maggie Ardiente Maggie Ardiente ‏ @MaggieArdiente

Development+Communications Director @americnhumanist #humanism #atheism. Loves wine, tea, food, art, @Chargers football, @WashCaps hockey + voting Democrat.
Kwame Anthony Appiah Kwame Anthony Appiah ‏ @KAnthonyAppiah

Born in London, raised in Ghana, educated at Cambridge in philosophy. Teach at Princeton. Write mostly about ethics and African and African American Studies.
VacciNewsNet VacciNewsNet ‏ @VacciNewsNet

Marianne Blemly Marianne Blemly ‏ @marianneblemly

L.A. Grabenstetter L.A. Grabenstetter ‏ @MagneticCrow

A writer and illustrator of speculative fiction. Requires trees and birds in order to function properly.
carlzimmer carlzimmer ‏ @carlzimmer

Science writer: champion of underappreciated life forms. New book: Evolution: Making Sense of Life.
Sofia Mendes Sofia Mendes ‏ @nanabananaana

Programmer by day, failed physicist by night. I’m a hula-hooping, math loving, sudoku playing dorkasaurus. And I will eat your braaiiinnss.
Houston Feminist Houston Feminist ‏ @The_HFM

The Houston Feminist Movement.

Advocating for public policy based on science, reason, and secular values.
Kayley Whalen Kayley Whalen ‏ @LenoreGore

DC Rollergirl, environmentalist, feminist, humanist. LGBT organizer and member of @SafeAccessDC
BAAm, Inc. BAAm, Inc. ‏ @BlackAtheists

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between atheism and the black community.
JeffSharlet JeffSharlet ‏ @JeffSharlet

My books: The Family; C Street; Sweet Heaven When I Die; Killing the Buddha; Believer, Beware. Collect ’em all & trade ’em with your friends.
Ed Beck Ed Beck ‏ @DEdwardBeck

Sr. Policy Analyst @center4inquiry @CFIOPP. Fmr @USMC CBRN-D. Buffalo expat. Dig secularism, human rights, religion/ideology, weird books, dangerous music.
Anne Marie Anne Marie ‏ @anneymarie

I prefer affection to perfection.
Jennifer Ouellette Jennifer Ouellette ‏ @JenLucPiquant

Jen-Luc Piquant is the faux-French avatar of science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Find her at Cocktail Party Physics!
Sadie Crabtree Sadie Crabtree ‏ @sadiecrabtree

Communications strategist and community organiser recently transplanted from Los Angeles to London.
Julia Burke Julia Burke ‏ @NYWineWench

Writer. Beer passionista. Aspiring winemaker (Niagara, South Africa). Runner. Eater. Traveler.
Greg Lipper Greg Lipper ‏ @theglipper

Litigator and church/state separator at @americansunited. Amateur actor. Obsessed with Darrow, Shakespeare, and Toto’s Africa. Views are, of course, my own.
Greg Laden Greg Laden ‏ @gregladen

Interests: Biological Anthropology, Human Evolution, Science Communication, Climate Change, Education, Race and Racism, Gender and Sexism.
LGBT Humanists LGBT Humanists ‏ @LGBTHumanists

a forum for LGBT humanists from across the nation to speak out with one voice on issues of concern to the LGBT-humanist community
James Croft James Croft ‏ @JFLCroft

@HGSE doctoral candidate; @HarvardHumanist fellow; speaker, teacher, activist, and inspiration-seeker at; proud, gay Humanist.
Zack Kopplin Zack Kopplin ‏ @RepealtheLSEA

Help me repeal the misnamed and misguided Louisiana Science Education Act. It is stealth creationism, not science! Visit:
Stephen Law Stephen Law ‏ @stephenlaw60

Philosopher and author. [Retweet does not mean endorsement.]
Ellen Ellen ‏ @AthenAlces

I’m a GVSU Art Major & Writing Minor, President of the Grand Valley Secular Alliance, atheist activist, and a nerd. I’m also pretty awesome.
Kelley Freeman Kelley Freeman ‏ @ramenneedles

Charmingly profane, productive and slightly unsettling ailurophile. Blogs for @hemantsblog. Views are mine and don’t necessarily reflect my awesome employers’!
Jonathan Figdor Jonathan Figdor ‏ @jfigdor

Humanist Chaplain at Humanist Community at Stanford. B.A. Vassar (Philosophy) MDiv. Harvard. Personal acct.
Ophelia Benson Ophelia Benson ‏ @OpheliaBenson

Columnist for Free Inquiry and The Freethinker. Any other mags with free in the title need a columnist?
Janice Gherardi Janice Gherardi ‏ @JaniceGherardi

CherryTeresa CherryTeresa ‏ @cherryteresa

Keyboardist, humanist, skeptic, casual blogger, sociable nerd. Glamour & glitter, fashion & fame. Former Baltimoron, current Hollyweirdo.
Maria Myrback Maria Myrback ‏ @Maria_Myrback

Managing Editor for the blog on, Blogger of &, writer, skeptic, bisexual, atheist & She Of The Pink Hair.
Maria Proctor Maria Proctor ‏ @QLDHumanist

President of The Humanist Society of Queensland. Humanist, skeptic and activist for a secular Australia.
Syphilis, M.D. Syphilis, M.D. ‏ @Cmaaarrr

Infectious Diseases physician, gamer, libation enthusiast, and The Bad Doctor at The Secret Lair
Digital Cuttlefish Digital Cuttlefish ‏ @cuttlefishpoet

Science, Atheism, Skepticism, and Social Commentary. In Verse.
Laura Burns Laura Burns ‏ @scifilaura

Tweets about space stuff from @moonrangerlaura; Engineer, Mistress of all trades, Master of None; Science Fiction Fan; Dance Fan; Textile art and craft fan
Chris Gohlinghorst Chris Gohlinghorst ‏ @oihorse

Science, astronomy, skepticism, MMA, and gaming turn my crank.
Adrian Bailey Adrian Bailey ‏ @dadge

Chair of @brumhums Don’t Expect Miracles
Tulpesh Patel Tulpesh Patel ‏ @tulpesh

Neuroscience PhD, humanist, feminist and skeptic. Full-time liberal uber-nerd, part-time blogger and EAP teacher at the Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus.
Al Jazeera English Al Jazeera English ‏ @AJEnglish

Al Jazeera English, the 24-hour English-language news and current affairs channel, headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Follow @AJELive for breaking news alerts.
Steve Wheeler Steve Wheeler ‏ @MontereySkeptic

Monterey’s Skeptics and Free thinkers
Rebecca O’Neill Rebecca O’Neill ‏ @restlesscurator

Podcaster on The Skeprechauns, Organiser of Dublin Skeptics in the Pub, museumist, general ponder-er and cat enthusiast.
The NPR Science Desk The NPR Science Desk ‏ @nprscience

Science news, commentary and conversation from NPR.
Aston Humanists Aston Humanists ‏ @astonhumanists

Official Twitter of the Aston Humanist Society
Hampshire Humanists Hampshire Humanists ‏ @HantsHumanist

Tweeting about humanism events in Hamphsire. Covering Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Farnham, Guildford.
Steel City Skeptics Steel City Skeptics ‏ @PGHSkeptics

We’re Steel City Skeptics! FB: Meetup:
Paul Offit Paul Offit ‏ @DrPaulOffit

Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and co-inventor of a Rotavirus vaccine. Author of Deadly Choices.
Scientific American Scientific American ‏ @sciam

Scientific American, more than 165 years of science news. Feed hosted by @robinlloyd99 and the machine.
Adrian J. Ebsary Adrian J. Ebsary ‏ @AJEbsary

Online Community Specialist @uOttawa | Board Member @iOrphanOrg Canada | Attention Economist | Bassist & #PFunk Pupil | personal opinions only
Ajita Kamal Ajita Kamal ‏ @Ajita

I’m the Executive Editor for Nirmukta, an organization promoting Science and Freethought in India.
Michigan Skeptics Michigan Skeptics ‏ @MISkeptics

Michigan Skeptics is a gathering place for Critical Thinkers, Humanists and Skeptics to discuss, debate and to meet casually. A Skeptic is a person that does
David Koepsell David Koepsell ‏ @drkoepsell

author, educator, attorney, philosopher, interested in science, ethics, freedom, and justice
James O’Malley James O’Malley ‏ @Psythor

Editor of The @PodDelusion, Co-Founder @SkepticalVoter, Community Manager @Audioboo, Co-Founder @SohoSkeptics. Relentlessly busy.
Sean Carroll Sean Carroll ‏ @seanmcarroll

Scientist, writer, truth vigilante.
Patrick Redmond Patrick Redmond ‏ @paddyrex

Skeptic, atheist interested in science and culture. Co-organiser of the Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub. Presenter of:
Cork Skeptics Cork Skeptics ‏ @corkskeptics

Promoting skepticism, science, reason and critical thinking in Cork City, Ireland and beyond.
John Chaneski John Chaneski ‏ @chaneski

Puzzle guy on NPR’s Ask Me Another
beinghuman beinghuman ‏ @beinghuman

My main blogs are at:
LanSkeptics LanSkeptics ‏ @LanSkeptics

The organisers of Lancaster Skeptics in the Pub, getting interesting speakers to tell us about good science, bad science, pseudoscience, politics and the media.
Paul Provenza Paul Provenza ‏ @PaulProvenza

OFFICIAL Twitter – Comedian/actor; Director, THE ARISTOCRATS; Host GREEN ROOM, coauthor ¡SATIRISTAS! All are welcome here until they become unwelcome. Amuse me!
GuardianScienceBlogs GuardianScienceBlogs ‏ @guardiansciblog

A collection of the world’s finest science bloggers, writing about the world’s most interesting ideas. We aim to entertain, enrage and inform
CFI–Portland CFI–Portland ‏ @cfiportland

The mission of the Center for Inquiry is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.
ImmunizeCOKids ImmunizeCOKids ‏ @ImmunizeCOKids

We are the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition, a nonprofit ensuring that kids get the vaccines they need to keep them healthy!
Dr. Isis Dr. Isis ‏ @drisis

Dr. Isis is a physiologist and science blogger. She writes about being a woman in academia, science, and shoes.
Tim Farley Tim Farley ‏ @WhatsTheHarm

Learn the terrible cost of believing in misinformation, pseudoscience or superstition by visiting
Leart Leart ‏ @Skepdude

Skeptic, creator and Editor-In-Chief of the Vaccine Times website, blog and newsletter; atheist and a worshiper of logic and reason.
Jeffery Zavadil Jeffery Zavadil ‏ @jzavadil

Political theorist and blogger at Stars Through the Storm.
LeoKapakos LeoKapakos ‏ @LeoKapakosNY

Write Political Buzz for NY Examiner;Progressive, Blogger/Leo Kapakos Daily; Ex-Wall St.Banker; Poker; Own more Boxing event T-shirts then anybody on Twitter..
BBC Breaking News BBC Breaking News ‏ @BBCBreaking

Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (our World edition) and @BBCNews (our UK edition).
Chad Brown Chad Brown ‏ @Engagechad

Deep thinking weirdo dedicated to the advocacy of Science, Skepticism, Atheism and good beer.
Ian Bushfield Ian Bushfield ‏ @ibushfield

Executive Director of @BCHumanist. Opinions expressed are my own.
Brighton Skeptics Brighton Skeptics ‏ @BrightonSkeptic

For those who enjoy listening & talking to, and sharing beverages with others of a skeptical nature.
John Macalpine John Macalpine ‏ @johnmacalpine

Skeptic Freethinker Atheist Humanist
Trine Tsouderos Trine Tsouderos ‏ @ChicagoScience

Director of Healthcare Media at GolinHarris. Writer. Evidence-based. Skeptic. Mom. Greek and Norwegian. Chess, big waves, skiing.
David Niose David Niose ‏ @ahadave

Author of Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans; president of Secular Coalition for America; past president of American Humanist Assoc.; Attorney.
Breaking News Breaking News ‏ @BreakingNews

Breaking news as it happens. Follow our team on @breaking, and download our free mobile apps for full coverage and push alerts:
Peter Singer Peter Singer ‏ @PeterSinger

Author of Animal Liberation and The Life You Can Save, professor of bioethics at Princeton University and laureate professor at the University of Melbourne.
Steve Mirsky Steve Mirsky ‏ @SteveMirsky

Editor, columnist and podcaster for Scientific American @sciam magazine. Opinions expressed are my own and are subject to revision with new information.
Todd Stiefel Todd Stiefel ‏ @StiefelFF

Stiefel Freethought Foundation is a non-profit private foundation that provides financial support and volunteer strategy consulting to the Freethought Movement.
R Town R Town ‏ @RLMT112358

BrotherRichard BrotherRichard ‏ @BrotherRichard

Richard is a writer and public speaker living in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an ex-minister and currently the President of
Mariette DiChristina Mariette DiChristina ‏ @mdichristina

Editor in Chief and Senior VP, Scientific American. All opinions expressed are my own. RTs are not endorsements.
Chris Mooney Chris Mooney ‏ @chriscmooney

Contributing writer @MotherJones, and host of @ClimateDesk Live. Also: @pointofinquiry host, sci comm trainer. Busy, busy, busy.
Bora Zivkovic Bora Zivkovic ‏ @BoraZ

Blogs Editor at Scientific American. Visiting Scholar at NYU school of journalism. Organizer of ScienceOnline. My tweets are my own.
christine k christine k ‏ @victoriableach

names changed to protect the innocent 😛
Chris Connelly Chris Connelly ‏ @wearevotingyes

Communications specialist, Googler, graduate student, concert addict. Views are mine alone. Please note: this feed is largely seeded by my Google+ profile.
Reno Skeptics Reno Skeptics ‏ @RenoSkeptics

Promoting Science Education, Rational Thought and Skeptical Inquiry in northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe Area!
Brian George Brian George ‏ @brianggeorge

Artist, science nerd, skeptic, comedy enthusiast. I contribute art and words at
maggie macalpine maggie macalpine ‏ @maggie_macca

Meat grinding Atheist, Skeptic
Jen Jen ‏ @TheJenMasterson

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.-Feynman
A2 Science Skeptics A2 Science Skeptics ‏ @AnnArborSciSkep

Group of members who have enthusiasm for science, critical thinking, & humor. We meet 2x month. Also, we audio podcast our meet-ups on website/iTunes.
Momma Heathen Momma Heathen ‏ @MommaHeathen

Liberal, feminist, atheist, pro-choice, out-spoken, constantly learning, stubborn wife and mother of five daughters.

Committee for Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS) at @CFICanada critically engages with scientific, technological & medical claims in public discourse.
Felicia Felicia ‏ @skepticbee

Programming student, perverted Swede, occasional beekeeper, allround geek. WYSIWYG. I tweet mostly in English. These opinions are mine; go get your own.
Maggie McFee Maggie McFee ‏ @tankgrrl

*Opinions are my own* I’m a mad scientist, video nerd, geek, drawerer & other junk. Don’t work at Engadget. Do podcast @RI4E. Buy my stuff
Jamie Bernstein Jamie Bernstein ‏ @UAJamie

Analyst at Obama for America, Skeptical Ninja, Policy Wonk, AZ Wildcats fan, , VP of the Women Thinking Free Foundation. Opinions are my own.
Elyse Mofo Anders Elyse Mofo Anders ‏ @dELYSEious

Writer. Tweeter. Drinker. Speaker. Ass-kicker. World saver. Mofo. Activist. Cancer killer. Poo discussionista. This lady:

International Humanist and Ethical Union — The world union of Humanist organizations
Talk Rational Talk Rational ‏ @talkrational

Secular freethought community – pretentious, obnoxious, occasionally funny; now get lost
NPR News NPR News ‏ @nprnews

News. Arts & Life. Music. Everything and more from NPR.
Guardian Science Guardian Science ‏ @guardianscience

News, comment, all that stuff from the Guardian’s science, health and environment team
Steven Pinker Steven Pinker ‏ @sapinker

Cognitive scientist at Harvard.
Amanda Marcotte Amanda Marcotte ‏ @AmandaMarcotte

Brooklyn writer who likes indie rock, quality television, and political blogging. Despite all this, I’m not interested in knitting, kthnxbai.
National Science Fdn National Science Fdn ‏ @NSF

Where Discoveries Begin
Robert J. Peterson Robert J. Peterson ‏ @robertjpeterson

Writer of all trades. Joomla, WordPress and Drupal developer. Graphic designer. Voice-over talent.
Kevin W. Parker Kevin W. Parker ‏ @kevinwparker

S/W engineer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Fan of sf (especially Doctor Who), women’s pro soccer, and the Freddy the Pig books. @NASAJuno,@NASATweetup
Barry W. Lynn Barry W. Lynn ‏ @barrywlynn

C. Gordon C. Gordon ‏ @the_cgordon

If I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there.
ChrisBeall ChrisBeall ‏ @ChrisBeall

Live simply, Love strongly, speak honestly
dezrah dezrah ‏ @dezrah

Magician, Skeptic, GeekDad
SBU Freethinkers SBU Freethinkers ‏ @sbufreethinkers

To educate, organize, and unite students at Stony Brook University, by promoting the ideals of rationality, science, and secularism.
Charm City Skeptics Charm City Skeptics ‏ @CharmCitySkep

Promoting skepticism, critical thinking, and science education in the Baltimore, MD area. Crab illustration by
Birmingham Skeptics Birmingham Skeptics ‏ @Brum_Skeptics

Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub – see website for upcoming events. Tweets mostly by @christheneck with @griefoftwats, @lauracreaven, @paddyrex & @thebigyeti.
Manchester Skeptics Manchester Skeptics ‏ @GMSkeptics

GMSS are dedicated to rational thinking, non-homeopathic drinking and the promotion of Skepticism. Co-organisers of @QEDcon. Listen to @justskeptics!
Young Aus Skeptics Young Aus Skeptics ‏ @youngausskeptic

A sanctuary for young free-thinkers. Group blog focused on skepticism, science communication and their cultural impact. @pseudoscipod is our weekly podcast.
Skeptics in Seattle Skeptics in Seattle ‏ @SeattleSkeptics

The Official Twitter of The Seattle Skeptics Meetup Group
Reasonable New York Reasonable New York ‏ @ReasonableNY

RNY is a consortium of local reason-based organizations and people working together to increase awareness of secular-minded movements throughout New York City.
masalaskeptic masalaskeptic ‏ @masalaskeptic

Nerd girl in Atlanta, writer for and dog lover.
Desiree Schell Desiree Schell ‏ @teh_skeptic

Host of radio program Skeptically Speaking. Science, reason, critical thought and assorted geekery.
British Humanists British Humanists ‏ @BHAhumanists

British Humanist Assoc: national charity working on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical & fulfilling lives on the basis of reason & humanity
Bill Goodwin Bill Goodwin ‏ @bthegoodwin

Jennifer McCreight Jennifer McCreight ‏ @jennifurret

I’m a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist feminist formerly trapped in the Midwest
Women Thinking, inc. Women Thinking, inc. ‏ @WomenThinking

Relax, we’re here to save the world.

Defending the teaching of evolution and climate science.
New Humanist New Humanist ‏ @NewHumanist

Updates from Blasphemy Towers (or the offices of the Rationalist Association & New Humanist, if you insist)
American Humanist American Humanist ‏ @americnhumanist

American Humanist Association advocates progressive values and equality for humanists, atheists and freethinkers. Founded in 1941 and located in Washington DC.
Cdn Secular Alliance Cdn Secular Alliance ‏ @CanadianSecular

Canadian Secular Alliance is a public policy think-tank advancing church-state separation. Founder of @OneSSNOntario.
edbrayton edbrayton ‏ @edbrayton

Owner of the Freethought Blogs network and Dispatches from the Culture Wars.
John Shook John Shook ‏ @John_Shook

John Shook, PhD, is a scholar and professor in Washington, D.C. He is Director of Education for the Center for Inquiry. His book The God Debates:
Mike Reid Mike Reid ‏ @mreid62

Software developer in science and aerospace during the day. President of the Washington Area Secular Humanists, science buff, amateur historian, fencer.
The Beast The Beast ‏ @BfloBEAST

Orchestrating and then foiling terror plots around the world — wait, that’s the CIA.
Rambling Doubter Rambling Doubter ‏ @ramblingdoubter

An atheist living in South-Western PA. Psuedo-Blogger, lousy writer, but I do it anyway! 🙂 Photographer, Network Engineer, Smartass!
Humanist Studies Humanist Studies ‏ @IHS_Humanist

The Institute for Humanist Studies is a humanist think tank conducting research on politics, religion, economics, science, and culture.
Zak Fiddes Zak Fiddes ‏ @zakfiddes

Cranky atheist who likes good food, good drinks, and good suits.
Sarah Hippolitus Sarah Hippolitus ‏ @hippological

Philosopher, Skeptic, Secular Humanist, Psychology Enthusiast, Atheist, Human Being
Jenna Marie Jenna Marie ‏ @jennamgriffith

Modern Visual Culture Historian. Skeptic. Critical Thinker. Cupcake Baker. Yarn lover. Costume nerd. Annoyed by chronic pain.
Steven Novella Steven Novella ‏ @stevennovella

The host of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast, and science blogger extraordinaire.
Secular Students Secular Students ‏ @SecularStudents

Empowering students for a secular future. We’re devoted to organizing and supporting nonreligious student activists. 300+ campus groups and counting!
Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏ @neiltyson

Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History. Author: Space Chronicles, The Pluto Files,. Host: StarTalk Radio
Robynn McCarthy Robynn McCarthy ‏ @Swoopy

Skeptic. Podcaster. Pundit. Wonk.
Skepticamp DC Skepticamp DC ‏ @skepticampdc

SkeptiCamps are informal, community-organized conferences borne from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment.
CFI Ottawa CFI Ottawa ‏ @CFIOttawa

Promoting reason, science, secularism & freedom of inquiry. Religion, philosophy, politics events. Voice for atheists & secular humanists. A @cficanada Branch.
Tim (TPO) Tim (TPO) ‏ @tpobserver

Secular Humanist, Atheist, Naturalist, Biped, Husband, Systems Analyst…born okay the first time in Lower Alabama.
Richard Saunders Richard Saunders ‏ @SkepticZone

Skeptical Judge on TV’s THE ONE – Producer of The Skeptic Zone Podcast – Life Member ASI – CSI Fellow
A Kovacs A Kovacs ‏ @ARealGirl

HasAudacity, Director of Døøm at Dark Øverlord Media, movie geek, skeptic, girl. Not in that order.
Skeptics in the Pub Skeptics in the Pub ‏ @SITP

The Official Skeptics In The Pub Twitter feed. Tag your posts with @sitp and #sitp for retweets (a link would be helpful too). Most RTs by @sidrodrigues
Sam Harris Sam Harris ‏ @SamHarrisOrg

Author, neuroscientist, Co-founder of Project Reason
K.O. Myers K.O. Myers ‏ @KO_Myers

Judicial policy researcher. Producer @SkepticalRadio. Writer, science enthusiast, critical thinker, long-distance father. Opinions are mine, you can’t have ’em.
DoctorAtlantis DoctorAtlantis ‏ @DoctorAtlantis

Award-winning podcaster, humorist, punner, and generally terrible person. Inhuman beast comprised of back-hair & old dictionaries. ‏Obviously an idiot.
buggs_moran buggs_moran ‏ @buggs_moran

Earthling, Educator, Amateur Astronomer, Amateur Photographer, Humanist, and wannabe know-it-all…
Allison Smith Allison Smith ‏ @KidQuoter

A Violin Teacher in DC who uses twitter to quote her hilarious students every day.
Jack Zahora Jack Zahora ‏ @JackZahora

Journalist @AJEnglish, formerly @nprnews. I tweet questions like a good journalist, and my opinions are boring. Looking for your views. RT/follow ≠ endorsement.
Mick Mick ‏ @dreadpiratemick

Recent graduate (BA in International Studies). Likes Doctor Who, Skepticism, Bigfoots.
Abby Walton Abby Walton ‏ @AnotlaW

Just a wayward youth about to join the circus. Or am going off to combat the hoi polloi. Whichever.
Marilyn Mann Marilyn Mann ‏ @MarilynMann

securities lawyer, skeptic, breast cancer survivor, mother of daughter who has familial hypercholesterolemia, blogger, open science.
allisonkilkenny allisonkilkenny ‏ @allisonkilkenny

Citizen Radio co-host, contributing reporter for The Nation. Blog at
Chris Randall Chris Randall ‏ @glittaChris

Wannabe Glam Rocker, Science nerd, Atheist, Skeptic, Musician?, Producer?, DJ?
Joanne Benhamu Joanne Benhamu ‏ @JoBenhamu

Clinical Trials RN. Former specialist endoscopy nurse. Skeptic & report for Skeptic Zone podcast Food, camera, photographing my food & gazing at the stars.
James Spiller James Spiller ‏ @JamesSpiller

Shameless fan of Mary MacLane, Bojana Novakovic, Women Of Letters and the tender darkness. Nerd, geek, dork … and proud of it.
Alan Goldsmith Alan Goldsmith ‏ @AlanGoldsmith

National secuity professional; fmr. staffer for House Foreign Affairs Committee. RT≠endorsement & follow≠support.
Tonya K Tonya K ‏ @skeptonya

It’s all about the truth. And love. And beer. Nothing else matters much.
Beth Kingsley Beth Kingsley ‏ @ejkdc

Live-in staff to one small gray and white cat. Occasionally tax law will intrude on the frivolity of this account.
Catherine B. Catherine B. ‏ @GreenOdonata

Atheist, autism sibling, budding neuroscientist. We are biology. Life contains these things.
Douglass Smith Douglass Smith ‏ @douglass_smith

Gina Welch Gina Welch ‏ @ginawelch

Derek Bartholomaus Derek Bartholomaus ‏ @derekcbart

TV Post Guy, Part-Time Political Blogger, Skeptic, and creator of the Anti-Vaccine Body Count
David Silverman David Silverman ‏ @MrAtheistPants

President of American Atheists and Chair of the Reason Rally. NOT the archaeologist, and not the guy from the Simpsons. 🙂
August E Brunsman IV August E Brunsman IV ‏ @lucidcarbon

Atheist Activist
Amy Davis Roth Amy Davis Roth ‏ @SurlyAmy

I am an artist. I make handmade ceramic jewelry called Surly-Ramics. I write for and I am an advocate of science.
Ronald A. Lindsay Ronald A. Lindsay ‏ @RALindsay

President & CEO Center for Inquiry; humanist, philosopher, lawyer, Phillies fan
Lisa Brandt Heckman Lisa Brandt Heckman ‏ @ephzero

In limbo. Musician, singer, actress, atheist, skeptic, vegetarian, linguist, libertine, Linux user.
Bruce Press Bruce Press ‏ @brucefp

Photographer, Geek, Skeptic, Atheist and rabid consumer of podcasts. Least productive member of the Parsec Awards Steering Committee.
Centre for Inquiry Centre for Inquiry ‏ @cficanada

Promoting reason, science, secularism & freedom of inquiry. Religion, philosophy, politics events. Voice for atheists & secular humanists.
Jesse Galef Jesse Galef ‏ @JesseGalef

Michael Cornett Michael Cornett ‏ @Vagrarian

Simultaneously virtuous and debauched.
Secular Coalition Secular Coalition ‏ @seculardotorg

The national lobby for atheists, humanists, agnostics, freethinkers and other secular Americans.
Nicole Gugliucci Nicole Gugliucci ‏ @NoisyAstronomer

Astronomer. Educator. Subtle as a Supernova. Post-Doc with the Most Rock at
Marc Jagoe Marc Jagoe ‏ @marcusau2

Recently liberated Slave to the Traffic Light
Gwydion Suilebhan Gwydion Suilebhan ‏ @GwydionS

Gwydion Suilebhan tells stories that he hopes will one day make his son proud of him.
Massimo Pigliucci Massimo Pigliucci ‏ @mpigliucci

Professor of Philosophy at City University of New York
Jamie Kilstein Jamie Kilstein ‏ @jamiekilstein

Tells jokes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu obsessed, reads books, doesn’t eat animals. Cohost of Citizen Radio.
Tim Minchin Tim Minchin ‏ @timminchin

I’m a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.
Found Beyond Belief Found Beyond Belief ‏ @FoundBB

Foundation Beyond Belief exists to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanistic generosity. Humanity at Work!

Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism
NYCSkeptics NYCSkeptics ‏ @NYCSkeptics

NYC Skeptics is a 501(c)3 all-volunteer nonprofit that promotes science education and critical-thinking.
VirtualDS VirtualDS ‏ @VirtualDS

Follow this account for news and notifications related to Virtual Drinking Skeptically

Freedom From Religion Foundation, a nonprophet nonprofit and nation’s largest atheist/agnostic group, working to promote the separation of state and church.
Simon Singh Simon Singh ‏ @SLSingh

Derek Colanduno Derek Colanduno ‏ @dcolanduno

Skeptic, Programmer, Geek
Brian Gregory Brian Gregory ‏ @briandgregory

Hopeless geek and technologist, skeptic, atheist, @VirtualDS organizer, science/space buff, fan of bacon, Dr Who, Orioles, and Charm City! Spaaaaace Robots!
Open Skeptic Events Open Skeptic Events ‏ @skepticamp

informal, community-org’d events born from desire for people to share & learn in an open environment. Promoting science, skeptical inquiry & critical thinking.
Alan Conradi Alan Conradi ‏ @ZombieAlan

Atheist, freethinker, skeptic, vegetarian interested in science, philosophy, psychology, pointing out flawed arguments, eating brains…
Moiz Khan Malik Moiz Khan Malik ‏ @moizkhan

Co-founder at
Joel Guttormson Joel Guttormson ‏ @thematheist

Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
Paul Fidalgo Paul Fidalgo ‏ @PaulFidalgo

A Beta accidentally placed with the Alphas. Communications director of @center4inquiry. Tweets not endorsed by CFI. Ruthlessly curating my online experience.

New York City’s home for science, reason, and secular values.
Dave Fletcher Dave Fletcher ‏ @DoubtcastFletch

Husband, father, professor, programming director and heathen. I love science, comics, literature and movies.
Simon Simon ‏ @SimonKnowz

CFI-DC Event Coordinator. Melody’s Husband. RT/Follow ≠ endorsement. Views expressed mine only. I grew up in Athens, GR and often tweet in Greek. Μπάιλίνγκουαλ.
Lauri Lebo Lauri Lebo ‏ @llebo

Union girl. Writer. Author of The Devil in Dover: An Insider’s Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-Town America
George Hrab George Hrab ‏ @GeorgeHrab

Drummer for the Philadelphia Funk Authority, producer guy of The Geologic Podcast, and defender of the theory of gravity.
williamlobdell williamlobdell ‏ @williamlobdell

Author of “Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America — and Found Unexpected Peace”
ninaburleigh ninaburleigh ‏ @ninaburleigh

Author, #journalist, #mom, international Nancy Drew. Tweeting about #womensrights since Wollstonecraft. #Cyclist. #Astronaut groupie.
Martin Snowden Martin Snowden ‏ @MartinSnowden

Jamila Bey Jamila Bey ‏ @jbey

debater, mother, skeptic, journalist, lover of belly laughs and tough questions Straighten up and fly right? Maybe!
Jennifer Hecht Jennifer Hecht ‏ @Freudeinstein

I am a poet, philosopher, historian; wrote Doubt: A History; Funny; The Happiness Myth.
CNN Breaking News CNN Breaking News ‏ @cnnbrk

Breaking News from CNN, via the homepage team. Now 10M strong. Check @cnn for all things CNN, breaking and more.
Phil Plait Phil Plait ‏ @BadAstronomer

Astronomer, author, skeptic, father, punster.
Richard Wiseman Richard Wiseman ‏ @RichardWiseman

Personal twitter account of psychologist, author and magician Richard Wiseman.
teenskepchicks teenskepchicks ‏ @teenskepchicks

A group blog about skepticism, science, and a diversity of topics by teens, and for teens.
Center for Inquiry Center for Inquiry ‏ @center4inquiry

We’re working to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.
American Atheists American Atheists ‏ @AmericanAtheist

The OFFICIAL American Atheists Twitter. We’ve been fighting for the separation of church and state since 1963.
Hemant Mehta Hemant Mehta ‏ @hemantmehta

Math teacher by day, Friendly Atheist by night. Author of The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide: Send emails/tips to
helen sotiriadis helen sotiriadis ‏ @helensotiriadis

photographer, architect
Katie Kish Katie Kish ‏ @katiekish

Lorax | Grad Student | Systems Theorist | Firefly Captain
Feministing Feministing ‏ @feministing

Breaking news and busting balls.

Our mission is to foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.
Rachel Macalpine Rachel Macalpine ‏ @rachel__joy

atheist, skeptic, vegan, uni student,
CFI On Campus CFI On Campus ‏ @CFIOnCampus

Center for Inquiry On Campus promotes reason, science, freethought, skepticism, secularism, humanism & free inquiry on college & high school campuses worldwide.
Skeptical Inquirer Skeptical Inquirer ‏ @SkeptInquiry

Promotng scientific inquiry, critical thinking, science education, and the use of reason in examining important issues with our magazine the Skeptical Inquirer
Michael Feldman Michael Feldman ‏ @mike_feldman

Lawyer, skeptic, monkey, and all around nice guy.
Darrell Barker Darrell Barker ‏ @LenniLanape

Eric Herrman Eric Herrman ‏ @nondescript1010

Brasilmagic ‏ @Brasilmagic
Brazilian American, Sociologist, Atheist, Progressive, empty-nester. Have a penchant for analyzing trends.

Roy ‏ @royimous

Tauriq Moosa ‏ @tauriqmoosa
Cynical about fixing world since there’s no god. Pronounced TAR-rick. Blog about practical ethics at Big Think.

kerrie hall ‏ @kezhall
Just hang on a minute…

ACLU National ‏ @ACLU
The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public interest org devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America. Links:

Americans United ‏ @americansunited
Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a national religious liberty watchdog group. We’ve been protecting the wall of separation since 1947!

Brian Engler ‏ @BrianEngler
Amateur photographer, Advisory Board Chair for CFI DC, and serial volunteer. I try to apply critical thinking in all endeavors.

Rebecca the Undead ‏ @rebeccawatson
Fearless leader of, podcaster for SGU & IPN, writer, ice cream enthusiast

Debbie Goddard ‏ @DebGod
CFI On Campus coordinator, African Americans for Humanism director, Point of Inquiry date-stamper, Skepchick blogger, some other stuff.

skepchicks ‏ @skepchicks
reality has never looked so good

Jefferson Seaver ‏ @jeffersonseaver

Katherine Berland ‏ @legallykathi
I’m ready to do some lawyerin’! Anyone who helps me become gainfully employed will get some serious shout-outs!

PZ Myers ‏ @pzmyers
Godless liberal biologist

Kathy Ryan ‏ @KathyRyan

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