You’re Not Supposed to Poison Your Own Well, Benson


How could this reporter be so negligent as to not notice that the Internet’s oldest snowflake, Ophelia Benson, has created her own sad imitation of Rebecca Watson’s (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) Page O’ Hate?

Ms. Benson calls hers the Page o’ nonstop monitoring and harassment, and it mostly consists of screenshots of Tweets from people trying to get her to act like a grown-up, followed by replies from her which indicate in no uncertain terms that she won’t, won’t, won’t. This reporter can almost hear her stamping her little patent-leather mary janes on the parquet floor of her nursery. (That’s a type of shoe, men, not a marijuana.)

SkepDirt’s attention was drawn to Ms. Benson’s mention of this very own Twitter account in one of her entries on that page:


Skepdigger @SkepDirt

If Ophelia Benson wants to stop being called out when she says stupid things, she should stop saying stupid things.


I think I tweeted that to her once

Of course everything I say is stupid, so it’s necessary to “call me out” for saying stupid things whenever I say anything at all in public. Of course “Skepdigger/SkepDirt” knows this, because “Skepdigger/SkepDirt” is infallible when it comes to separating stupid things from not stupid things. Thus it is perfectly reasonable and right that “Skepdigger/SkepDirt” and “AmbrosiaX” and their many colleagues “call me out” every hour of every day.

Not everything you say is stupid, Ms. Benson. This reporter would find an example, but deadline is looming. Don’t be so self-pitying; people might start believing you.

And thank you for the compliment! This reporter realizes that your description of infallibility was meant sarcastically, but it is, in fact, an accurate assessment.

And… “colleagues”? Are you under the delusion that this reporter, and AmbrosiaX, and ElevatorGATE, and Justin Vacula, and all the others have some sort of workplace alliance with each other, Ms. Benson? This is certainly not true. We just happen to have the same ideological enemy: that of stupidity.

Besides, you are not above calling out stupidity yourself. Your article on Marie Fleming is testament to that. No one in the skeptical sphere is making fun of that article because you didn’t say anything stupid in it. (An example before deadline!)

To repeat this reporter’s earlier Tweet: stop saying stupid things, Ophelia, and you’ll stop getting called out on them.

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  1. Seems like the perfect time to remind ALL; that “Plan o’ action” meeting for operation (TOP SECRET) has been moved up to this Friday, so we can decide which T-shirt Justin will be wearing on which days. That is all…..The Management!

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