SkepDirt Shuts Up And Listens

In honor of the catchphrase of the just-passed Women in Secularism conference, SkepDirt will, for the next two weeks, hold a Shut Up And Listen mini-forum here in the Comments section of this article.

The rules are simple. Post whatever you want that you would like the staff at SkepDirt to listen to. In return, we will shut up and listen.

For our other readers, we request that you shut up and listen too. Comments made in rebuttal to other comments will be deleted.

Ready? Go!

One Response to SkepDirt Shuts Up And Listens

  1. spectator says:

    As theist, I don’t feel welcome in the skeptical community. But now that the Skepchicks have rage quit TAM, that could change. I’m female. So I hope you all listen to my experiences as doubly marginalized individual.
    But if I stay out until 4 am drinking myself half-blind, I would be disappointed if no one offered me coffee. All the guy has to do is listen to my response. I have no problem saying “sorry, I’m too tired. But thanks anyway.”

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