Does Ool0n Have A Drinking Problem?

People in the skeptical community are concerned about ool0n’s rumored drinking problem:

4 Responses to Does Ool0n Have A Drinking Problem?

  1. oolon says:

    Really glad I don’t have any mental illness, addiction or other disability etc. You lot on the other “side” seem to take great pleasure in trying to find these “weaknesses” or more accurately things that deviate from the perceived norm and attack them. You’d actually have a chance at bullying me, makes me appreciate my privilege more… Keep on digging!

    Then there is question of why a safe space like the A+ forum is needed, clearly because if you disagree with this “side” they’ll needle away until they hit on an angle of attack. Not angle of attack on your arguments but your personhood. Really sad, I feel sorry for you if you need to go down this route as I’d feel a total loser if it was the only way I felt I could win an argument. Please keep it to me and not other people who you might actually hurt with your bullshit.

    • skepdigger says:

      Thanks for replying, Ool0n! This reporter doesn’t think that a mental illness or substance addiction problem is a sign of weakness or attack on personhood, and it takes a brave man like yourself to admit to such ignorant bigotry. Keep reading SkepDirt!

  2. ohioatheist says:

    I’m becoming more and more disenfranchised with the atheist community, and this kind of crap is part of the reason why. It’s like we’re in the third grade. I am embarrassed for my community. Sorry, but this is ridiculous.

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