Heath George, Credible Danger

Heath George (@WDP_HeathGeorge on Twitter) recently Tweeted the following:

[tweet https://twitter.com/WDP_HeathGeorge/status/368734308917186561]

[tweet https://twitter.com/WDP_HeathGeorge/status/368737495355109376]
Rebecca Watson @rebeccawatson

New Daily Dot article about my dedicated stalker “Elevatorgate” [link removed by editor]

Heath George ‏@WDP_HeathGeorge

@rebeccawatson would it be possible to do a kick starter to hire a cyber assassin to track trolls like this down?

Heath George ‏@WDP_HeathGeorge

@rebeccawatson true anonymity is virtually impossible. An email to an hackademic like Fionnbharr Davies might be a good first step.

This is truly terrifying. Not only is Mr. George advocating murder, he is actually recommending an assassin to Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) to contact!


From The Gandersauce Department:

Sources say that Heath George, a self-professed writer, director, and producer from Sydney, is currently the Director at Clockwork Films.

Sources have provided further information which will be provided to the authorities when requested.

This Just In!

A Kickstarter to “hunt down @ElevatorGATE like a Dog” has been formulated, and its author is none other than ultrafamous BBC Two personality James “ool0n” Billingham! Sources have sent SkepDirt this screenshot of the Kickstarter page:


The full Kickstarter page can be found at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/226201871/1793268685?token=122a736b.

Even if this is a parody (and this reporter desperately hopes that it is), it is in extremely poor taste.

Added: Due to the very strong likelihood that Mr. Billingham will take down his Kickstarter, sources have frozen the page: http://www.freezepage.com/1376930021CGEXBQDOMF

9 Responses to Heath George, Credible Danger

  1. oolon says:

    “This is truly terrifying.” … Better buckle up buddy cos Beatrix Kiddo is a feminist and now works in the cybercrime unit of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. From now on all you and the other ElevatorGATE supporters will hear as you try to sleep is that music as O-Ren Ishii and pals walk down the corridor… Your last words will be, “That really was a Hattori Hanzo sword”… She is coming!

    On a more serious note, never have I read such a pile of testerical professional victim tripe in my life… Well done!

    • skepdigger says:

      You are not making this any less terrifying, Mr. Billingham. You live in Cleethorpes (or is it Pewsey?), England, the same country as ElevatorGATE, so you have much easier access to him than Heath George of Sydney does. The fact that you are willing to put up such a disgusting Kickstarter, even in jest, just shows that you have the conscience of a sociopath.

      But you forget one thing, Mr. Billingham: ElevatorGATE knows what you look like. We all do. You should keep that in mind before you proceed further with any of your vigilante plans.

  2. franc hoggle says:

    Here’s a handy zip file of all of James’ murder fantasy stuff. If you’re still unhappy with BBC Newsnight’s response to the nonsense, forward it and tell them they’ve been trolled by a real troll.

    • oolon says:

      I predict Franc will be on dingus news at 10 warning the world of the danger of fictional cyber assassins… Any time now.

  3. no joke says:

    Forward this to the FBI, or the British equivalent. NOW. No joke.

  4. no joke says:

    Now that I actually read it, I’d say it’s a parody. “Rise of the feminazi army… misandry powered railgun in orbit”? Yeah. Still, I think Mr. Billingham needs some serioius mental health care. Perhaps he should share a cell with Mabus?

    • skepdigger says:

      Thanks for commenting, no joke!
      This reporter firmly agrees that there are people who just don’t recognize parody. Oddly enough, many of them understand parody when it comes from people they are fond of, but then take anything said against those same people with the utmost seriousness.
      Keep reading SkepDirt!

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