Two Bombshells

Bombshell Number One

As SkepDirt’s loyal readership has undoubtedly noticed, there hasn’t been any action in this publication in months. This reporter owes you an explanation.

SkepDirt was started as an act of catharsis, the history behind which is unimportant. But anger dissipates over time; the catharsis has been achieved, and this reporter just doesn’t have the fire to keep up with the middle-school antics of a bunch of entitled Popular Girls any more. In short, this reporter is hanging up the press badge and walking away from the bitching entirely. There are better things for this reporter to do.

This isn’t to say that the fight isn’t worth fighting! It most certainly is, and this reporter admires those of you who stick to it. It’s just not in this reporter’s blood any more. Continue the excellence.

But one last piece of dirt…

Bombshell Number Two

Sources say that PZ Myers’ “hand grenade” incident (the details of which are so familiar to SkepDirt’s loyal readership that they need not be linked here) not only happened at a TAM, but the hand grenade herself has been a staff member at TAM.

And with that, this reporter says “Thanks for reading SkepDirt!”

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