Welcome, Breitbart readers!

This reporter would like to come out of retirement to welcome all the intelligent, discerning Breitbart.com readers who found their way here via the exquisitely-written article on the Block Bot entitled “BBC-Featured ‘Block Bot’ Runs Into Legal Trouble“. The best part of the article:

Many of the people listed on the blocklist as “bigots and abusers” are in fact atheist commentators who disagreed with the mission of Atheism Plus, such as popular YouTube commentators Phil Mason, Mykeru and the blogger Skepdigger.

To be mentioned in the same sentence with Mykeru is an honor this reporter does not deserve – but will accept with great humility and responsibility.

For those readers new to this publication, this reporter would like to direct your attention to the “Best Of” link in the menu bar above to get a sense of what we at SkepDirt investigate.

And, as always, keep reading SkepDirt!

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