Atheism Plussers Help With Connecticut Shooting Victims… Almost

The Social Justice Worriers at the Atheism Plus Forum have started a thread on giving aid to the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT, USA.. and they’d do it too, if it weren’t so inconvenient: Read more of this post

Ships and Harbors: Why the Atheism Plus Forums are Incompatible with Atheism+

There exists a fundamental, irreconcilable philosophy difference between the Atheism+ movement and the goals of the official Atheism Plus Forum.
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What A Professional Victim Looks Like

TRIGGER WARNING: Crocodile Tears

Gals, don’t do this.

This reporter regrets not being able to embed the video, as SkepDirt is run off the donations of nobody and the free version of WordPress doesn’t let reporters embed LiveLink videos.

Ariel Stallings’ “Liberal Bullying”

Nothing sums up the problems with the Atheism Plus forum like the article Liberal bullying: Privilege-checking and semantics-scolding as internet sport by Ariel Meadow Stallings on Offbeat Empire.

A few choice quotes:

Over the past couple years, I’ve watched the rise of this new form of online performance art, where internet commenters make public sport of flagging potentially problematic language as insensitive, and gleefully flag authors as needing to check their privilege.

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Atheism Plus Takes A Cue From Nixon

Atheism+ votary Reality Enthusiast (@RealityEnthused on Twitter, realityenthusiast on WordPress) has put together three Friends Lists: one for Tweeters, and two for blogs.

Inclusion into the inaugural Twitter list was involuntary:

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Dramatic Reading of “Schrödinger’s Rrrrrrrrrrapist”

She’s even prettier than this reporter imagined!

In Fairness to The Atheism Plus Forum

This reporter would like to correct a potential bias in reporting on Atheism+ forum topics. It is easy to data-mine the most egregiously toxic and petulant threads there and make the whole forum look dysfunctional. In the interest of fairness and balance, SkepDirt would like to show what a typical innocuous thread there looks like.

Here’s a good one, started by moderator Flewellyn: A vitally important question for our members.

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Atheism+ Pulls the SIWOUD Alarm


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