Welcome, Breitbart readers!

This reporter would like to come out of retirement to welcome all the intelligent, discerning Breitbart.com readers who found their way here via the exquisitely-written article on the Block Bot entitled “BBC-Featured ‘Block Bot’ Runs Into Legal Trouble“. The best part of the article:

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Why Schrödinger’s Rapist Is Really Pascal’s Rapist

Editor’s Note: This is the first in what very well might become a series of op-ed pieces for SkepDirt. Skepdigger is stepping out of the “reporter” comfort zone with this, and all of us at SkepDirt wish nothing but good fortune upon this endeavor.

As we enter the fourth year of the Schrödinger’s Rapist meme, this opiner would like to take a few minutes to ruminate on its origin, its implications, and its inaccuracies.

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Natalie Reed Quits

The always-loquacious Natalie Reed writes:

This is the last post I will ever write about conflicts internal to the Atheist Movement.

I quit. Consider this my act of serving the movement my divorce papers.

I have other work to do.

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Rebecca Watson Fired From SGU Podcast?

Reliable sources have provided a screenshot of the email confirming that Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) has been fired from the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast:

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Watsonism: Its Origin And Definition

Alishba Zarmeen, blogger at Secularly Yours and @SecularlyYours on Twitter, recently had this to say about the TAM 2012 crowd:

This led to a brusque but relatively mature exchange between her and Skepchick’s Surly Amy, with this pair of tweets a good summary of the issue:

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PZ Myers To Kick Thunderf00t Off Freethoughtblogs

In response to this blog entry by Thunderf00t, PZ Myers has started a recent blog entry of his own with:

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Mad Greta: Beyond Thunderf00t

At last! Greta Christina’s five-part anthology (1 2 3 4 5) on the horrible mind of fellow Freethoughtblogger Thunderf00t has concluded! Some final statistics:

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