Does Ool0n Have A Drinking Problem?

People in the skeptical community are concerned about ool0n’s rumored drinking problem:

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On Yemisi Ilesanmi’s Poetry

Yemisi Ilesanmi, one of the newest bloggers on Freethoughtblogs, is clearly a force to be reckoned with. As her bio states, she’s a Master of Law in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights; a trade unionist; a human rights activist; an author; and sometimes moonlights as a plus size model.

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You’re Not Supposed to Poison Your Own Well, Benson


How could this reporter be so negligent as to not notice that the Internet’s oldest snowflake, Ophelia Benson, has created her own sad imitation of Rebecca Watson’s (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) Page O’ Hate?
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Listen, But Never Shut Up

A Rebuttal To Paul Fidalgo

The latest White Knight to try to explain the poor Marginalized people’s position is Paul Fidalgo, who wrote this on Freethought Blogs: Read more of this post

PZ Myers Dead?

A reliable source says that PZ Myers has died of hypothermia:

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There Is A Line 2: Acid In The Face

As mentioned in a previous article, there is a level of vitriol and real-world threats of violence that cannot be allowed. Even in the war of words between reasonable people and the walking pleas-to-emotion at Freethoughtblogs and Skepchick, a line of decorum exists.

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How To Not Be Called A Moron On Twitter

Step 1:

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Ophelia Benson, Drug Abuse Advocate

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