There Is A Line, And It Cannot Be Crossed

It is time for a more serious article than usual.

Earlier today, two Twitter accounts, clearly set up by the same person and whose names this reporter shall not honor by mentioning, were set up for the express purpose of unconscionably harassing Jennifer McCreight (@jennifurret on Twitter) and Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter).

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FOLLOWUP: McCreight Just Keeps Digging

This is a followup to Need a Wank? and Consent Form.

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FOLLOWUP: Jennifer McCreight’s Consent Form

After the shocking details of Jennifer McCreight’s harrowing experience with an unauthorized masturbator earlier today, a reader has provided SkepDirt with a copy of what can only be Ms. McCreight’s consent form for homeless people to perform certain acts in her sight!

This Just In!

A followup can be found here!

Need A Wank? Get McCreight’s Permission First

Ex-blogger and leader of no movements of consequence Jennifer McCreight now requires men to get her permission before they masturbate:

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