PZ Myers Dead?

A reliable source says that PZ Myers has died of hypothermia:

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How To Not Be Called A Moron On Twitter

Step 1:

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Al Stefanelli Is A Douchebag Because Of His Hat

After Al Stefanelli’s departure from Freethought Blogs, FtB boss PZ Myers posted a non-tribute to Al that spent more time calling Al’s friend Reap Paden a racist than it did remembering all the good things Al had done at Freethought Blogs.

A couple of Mr. Myers’ followers wasted no time in joining on what they saw as a Myers-sanctioned dogpile on Al, noting that you could tell the disabled author and journalist was “a douchebag” because of what he chose to wear on his head.

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Pharyngula Turns To Oatmeal

Some ghost writer named Chris Clarke  used Atheism+ not-Führer PZ Myers’ fame to post a blog entry at Pharyngula. Having solved all other biological and activism issues, Clarke decided to turn his attention to a cartoon drawn by Matthew “The Oatmeal” Inman entitled “How much do cats actually kill?

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They Make A Cute Couple

(reprinted from Coffee Loving Skeptic’s Facebook page)

In A Dirtshell: Listservgate

As this reporter’s readers all know by now, Thunderf00t had a short-lived engagement on Freethoughtblogs before PZ Myers kicked him off for not towing the party line when it came to hyperfeminism.

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SkepDirt Goes Viral!

Thanks to the volunteer efforts by Surly Amy:

PZ Myers:


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PZ Myers: SkepDirt “An Unimpeachable Source”

In regards to SkepDirt’s scoop on Rebecca Watson’s (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) firing from the SGU Podcast, PZ Myers tweets:

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