That’s Not How Tyranny Works, PZ

The oppressor doesn’t get to determine when the oppression is done, Mr. Myers. As a feminist, you of all people should know that.

If You Ignore TAM, Will It Go Away?

Plenty of tweets about #TAM2012 today:

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The Saga of Paula Kirby

In response to Paula Kirby’s essay on The Sisterhood of the Oppressed, PZ Myers writes:

Apparently, it’s really bad and bullying to call people names, so she calls me and many others Feminazis and Femistasi.

Let he who is without sin, Mr. Myers.

What’s worse, he doesn’t even put together his own defense; he relies on two people named Jadehawk and Suirauqa to write his feelings (this reporter can’t really call them “thoughts”) for him. One wonders how much he does this in his academic career as well.


Did PZ Myers Shave?

Did you know that you don’t have to be bare-faced to tell a bare-faced lie?

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PZ is our king!

With apologies to JK Rowling:

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PZ can’t abide a thing;
He bans those who’re diff’rent-thinking,
That’s why the FTBullies sing:
PZ is our king!

PZ Myers’ Awesome Humility

This reporter is reminded of an old joke:

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PZ Myers: “Believe Me Because I Say So”

More of the saga between PZ Myers and Thunderf00t:

This was one of the first things this reporter considered, PZ, along with the consideration that YOU lied about those reasons.

And how do we KNOW he wasn’t, PZ? How do we know that you’re telling the truth?

Well, that certainly settles it! PZ Myers is telling the truth because he knows what’s going on in his own head!


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