Al Stefanelli Is A Douchebag Because Of His Hat

After Al Stefanelli’s departure from Freethought Blogs, FtB boss PZ Myers posted a non-tribute to Al that spent more time calling Al’s friend Reap Paden a racist than it did remembering all the good things Al had done at Freethought Blogs.

A couple of Mr. Myers’ followers wasted no time in joining on what they saw as a Myers-sanctioned dogpile on Al, noting that you could tell the disabled author and journalist was “a douchebag” because of what he chose to wear on his head.

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In A Dirtshell: Natalie-Nagging

Vagina-equipped ex-blogger Natalie Reed can’t bear to end a debate. When she realizes that she is losing on logical and factual grounds, she switches to demanding a laundry list, oftentimes in ALL CAPS, of evidence that it is impossible or unreasonable for her opponent to produce.

This reporter hereby dubs this tactic Natalie-nagging.

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Atheism+ Denies Matt Dillahunty Special Treatment; Gives Him Special Treatment

In A Dirtshell

Atheism+ (pronounced “atheism plus”) is a movement designed both to bring social justice issues to the atheist community and to shame those who would rather continue to focus on ending the tyranny of religion. The Atheism+ Forum (pronounced “dogmatic clique of hothouse flowers”) is a public bulletin board that seeks both Read more of this post

They Make A Cute Couple

(reprinted from Coffee Loving Skeptic’s Facebook page)

A Series Of Unfortunate Tweets

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Watsonism: Its Origin And Definition

Alishba Zarmeen, blogger at Secularly Yours and @SecularlyYours on Twitter, recently had this to say about the TAM 2012 crowd:

This led to a brusque but relatively mature exchange between her and Skepchick’s Surly Amy, with this pair of tweets a good summary of the issue:

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The Saga of Paula Kirby

In response to Paula Kirby’s essay on The Sisterhood of the Oppressed, PZ Myers writes:

Apparently, it’s really bad and bullying to call people names, so she calls me and many others Feminazis and Femistasi.

Let he who is without sin, Mr. Myers.

What’s worse, he doesn’t even put together his own defense; he relies on two people named Jadehawk and Suirauqa to write his feelings (this reporter can’t really call them “thoughts”) for him. One wonders how much he does this in his academic career as well.


Alyson Miers Calls For Death Of Over 1000 People

In an attempt to claim the Twitter hashtag #FTBullies as their own, Freethoughtblogs member Natalie Reed was involved in this exchange:

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