Surly Amy Accuses Sharon Hill Of Followcrime

Skepchick SurlyAmy scolded Sharon Hill for following well-known parody Twitter account @AngrySkepchick over the weekend:

Sharon responded:

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Leave Stephanie Zvan Alone!

Poor Stephanie Zvan. She considers the following people cyberstalkers:

  • People who get together to talk about what she writes
  • People who glean the personal information she uses to make herself and her topics more relatable
  • People who build a wiki dedicated to her

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Queen and White Knight vs. Mocha Knave

According to Tony Ryan’s blog page, Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) has accused him (@TPRyan007) of calling her THE C-WORD… somewhere. But according to Tony’s screenshots of the email she sent her, he did no such thing.

When called on it, Rebecca got all huffy, and so did PZ Myers, who (unsurprisingly?) jumped straight onto his high horse to come to Rebecca’s aid.

What happened to the reverence for facts, and search for same, that skeptics used to have?

This Just In!

Apparently PZ has forgotten the way research works too!

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Freethoughtblogs Infected by Virus

… the Clausius Larsenii virus, that is.

That’s right, the prolific JREF Forum poster Claus Larsen is back to his old tricks, pestering Greg Laden for information from a source Greg didn’t even attribute. Greg got so tired of it that he started a separate blog entry about it, and as of this writing Claus hasn’t bothered to defend himself there.

If only he’d put as much work into his own blog as he does into badgering other skeptics! Is the most recent entry there really over two years old?