How Not To Submit A News Story

An anonymous source submitted a private email between DJ Grothe and Ophelia Benson today. It starts off like this:

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The Worst of The #TAM2012 Hashtag, Day 4

If even half of these tweets are true, the situation at TAM is more dire than even this reporter thought:

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A Series Of Unfortunate Tweets

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TAM: Totally Allows Molesting?

Reliable sources report that TAM 2012 has distributed no written anti-harassment policy statement this year, nor was there any mention of such a policy at any of the official functions today.

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If You Ignore TAM, Will It Go Away?

Plenty of tweets about #TAM2012 today:

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Fraternizing with THE ENEMY!

Rebecca and DJ in happier times

I better see a hoverhand there in one second flat, mister!